A Highland Fairy Tale: We Make Out in the Hallway

Around 10:00 PM two things happened, 1) The late night snack was brought out for people to munch and nibble on (definitely recommend this if it’s a possibility at your venue. We went with the bar food option cause well, it made the most sense for us) and 2) Mr. Sword and I slipped away with Crystal to take the last couple portraits of the night.

This was probably the first time I sat down in hours and boy did it feel good!


OK. OK, so this was a bit posed but it was still fun! Gotta love a dramatic swoon amid purple lighting.



After sitting down for a few minutes, we slipped out of the reception room and into the hallway. I love these photos because they’re relaxed and different. My make-up might have worn off and I might have been veil-less but I was feeling exhilarated! Also, my dress was still rockin’ after hours in the rain and tons of sweaty dancing.



Crystal then encouraged us to get frisky. Normally my man isn’t into PDA, but he looks mighty comfortable in these next few pics, haha.





We also managed to get one bridal portrait taken, and shockingly this is the only full-length picture of me by myself all day!


The last photo of the night was taken in the lobby of the Embassy Suites. It’s definitely become a family/friend/fan favorite! Hopefully you can see why!


Since this photo is also Mr. Sword’s favorite, I had it made into a canvas to display in our home. Can you find it?


personal photo

After returning to the reception it was time for Crystal to leave. Our final song of the evening, chosen by Mr. Sword, was “Closing Time” by Semisonic. He picked this song because he said it always reminds him of an American bar since it’s played so frequently at closing time.

from YouTube

The party kept going until midnight, at which time people either left to go home or went up to their rooms to crash while others continued drinking at the bar. And with that our wedding was over! Mr. Sword and I rode the elevators of doom one last time to our eighth floor hotel room where we were met with this:


personal photo

It was an amazing day and a dream come true.

The next post is the final one of our wedding recaps! Thanks for hanging in there everybody. :)

Did you take any sneaky late night photos during your wedding reception?

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography unless otherwise noted.


Skipped some of the Sword saga? It’s OK, catch up today!

Teaser video!
Final preparations, snow, and tears!
Ladies’ Luncheon!
Elevators of anxiety!
Rehearsing and screaming!
Burgers and surprises!
Kisses at midnight!

The Big Day
Bacon for bridal baby!
Hair and makeup!
Men in kilts!
Tiara and bouquet!
Becoming a bride!
Champagne toasts!
First look!
Cold couple portraits!
The Swords with swords!
The men pose!
The women pose!
Altogether now!
Elevator madness!
Big reveal!
Family photos!
Posing with our flower girl!
True Scotsman indeed!

People processing!
Bridal cry/laugh walk!
Ceremony readings!
Vows and handfasting!
Receiving line!

Cocktail hour!
The pretty details!
Grand entrances!
We get roasted!
Parent dances!
First dance fake out!
Stripping the willow!
Anniversary dance!
Dancing and drinking!


Mrs. Sword

Wedding Date:
March 2013
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  1. Member
    lh526 318 posts, Helper bee @ 6:35 am

    I just gotta say, you are so gorgeous!! I really enjoyed reading about your day!

  2. mswaterfall Member
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:50 am

    You look gorgeous, I looked so disheveled by that point in my evening!
    I love Mr. Sword’s favorite, very classy!

  3. wellies Member
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:32 am

    Your pics are seriously some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m going to miss your recaps! :( *sniff sniff*

  4. Member
    cosmo_gmr 488 posts, Helper bee @ 7:58 am

    I loved your favorite pic, I can see why it’s his fave. Can’t believe your recaps are over!

  5. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 12:17 pm

    The last photo is just gorgeous, I can’t totally see why it’s a favorite!

  6. Member
    texasaggiemom 595 posts, Busy bee @ 8:49 pm

    No, Swords – don’t go! Your recaps have been some of my favorite ever on this site – surely you have something else to discuss! Your photos are all gorgeous, but I especially love the one you had enlarged on canvas. Please think of something else you can post about????

  7. Member
    sapphire-dreamer 3478 posts, Sugar bee @ 6:06 am

    So awesome. I am going to be so sad when your recaps come to an end

  8. sword Member
    sword 1029 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:17 am

    Thanks for the love everybody! Don’t worry I won’t leave quite yet, I’ve got a few more posts up my sleeve… :)

  9. Member
    jacofblues 1468 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:17 pm

    Such amazing photos! You guys look so happy!

  10. Member
    Miss_Mimosa 190 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:40 am

    You had such an amazing wedding. I am so glad I followed you from the beginning of your journey!

  11. sword Member
    sword 1029 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:49 pm

    @Miss_Mimosa: I’m so glad you followed along too! So fun to share it with such awesome people.

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