Nuts About You: Let’s Do This!

Our photographers, Sarah & Ben, arrived, and I knew things were about to get real. Yikes, how was it already time to get dressed? I decided I wanted my mom and two MOHs to come into the bedroom to help.


I learned at my dress fittings that it was easiest to put my shoes on first. I haven’t mentioned them yet, but I spent a long time looking for the perfect pair of shoes. I wanted something beautiful and feminine, but I felt limited because we were having an outdoor reception with a bulk of it involving walking on grass. I just couldn’t get excited about wearing flats on my wedding day. To me, there is just something sexy about those extra few inches and heels can have a huge impact how a woman carries herself. I knew wedges would be the perfect compromise and after many frantic weeks of searching, I found these Badgley Mischka beauties.




After agonizing over the jewelry situation, I decided to go with my gut (I mean, listen to my mom) and ditch the bold necklace idea. I loved the neckline of my dress and didn’t want a necklace to steal the show. I went with large earrings instead. My something borrowed and something blue was the blue and green brooch shown below. It was originally my grandmother’s, but after she passed away about 12 years ago, it was given to my sister, MOH C. My sister wore it on her bouquet when she got married. After Mr. S and I became engaged, my sister asked if I would like to borrow it to attach to mine. I think this officially makes it a Squirrel tradition and one I hope my three little sisters will partake in when they get married!


I was ready to put on my dress. My ladies each picked up a side and I dove in!


My dress turned out better than I had even envisioned it could possibly be. Anglo Couture worked some magic on this custom dress. Every detail was perfect, from the French eyelash lace to the luxurious silk A-lined bottom that felt “like butter.” It was modern yet classic.


And then the bow. Man did I have plans for the bow. When I was trying to explain to the owner of the boutique that I wanted the bow to be “floppy,” she shook in horror and let me know I was never allowed to use the word floppy when describing my dress. Instead, we were to call it “a loose bow.”


It just wasn’t flopping correctly though…


MOH C and MOH K both took at stab at it. It was an all out bow party. I think we tied that thing 15 times.





Unaware of the bow craziness that was happening just a few floors away, Mr. Squirrel started casually getting ready. He was very excited to finally get to wear his fancy socks and wing-tipped shoes.


He shrugged on his suit.


And had a GQ moment.


Meanwhile, the ladies were getting a little antsy. They didn’t realize we had an impromptu bow party and they were ready to see me already.
BM A couldn’t even handle the suspense.

Love these girls…


I had a few last minute touches. My mom put double-sided fashion tape under my sleeves so they wouldn’t slide down.


As the girls were leaving to head to the limo, I wanted to use my final moments of calm to FaceTime again with my best friend.


personal photo

Then it was time to head to the church and get married!!!

All other photos by Sarah & Ben Photography



Mrs. Squirrel

Tampa, FL
Wedding Date:
May 2013
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  1. Guest
    Sarah Cool, Guest @ 6:40 am

    I. Love. Your. Dress.


  2. Member
    Mrs. Wallaby 2809 posts, Sugar bee @ 6:57 am

    I boy, I love every single thing about this post. Your details, Mr. S’s socks, the bow dilemma – and you my dear are stunning! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  3. Member
    Mrs. Wallaby 2809 posts, Sugar bee @ 6:58 am

    Oh, and those shoes? Perfection :)

  4. Member
    aarol 11 posts, Newbee @ 6:58 am

    Wow! How did I miss your post about your dress? Beautiful!

  5. Member
    Mrs. Rucksack 494 posts, Helper bee @ 8:43 am

    I love your dress and floppy bow!

  6. Member
    Mrs. Pony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 9:15 am

    Your dress is gorgeous! The bow is just perfect!

  7. Member
    bridesmomma 427 posts, Helper bee @ 9:38 am

    LOVE your dress, shoes, hair! You looked absolutely stunning!

  8. Member
    Mrs. Treasure 1638 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:14 am

    LOOOOOVE your dress!!!

  9. Member
    missgoldfish 439 posts, Helper bee @ 10:49 am

    I love your dress and shoes!

  10. Member
    Mrs. Sword 1019 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:32 pm

    the big earrings look great with your dress! And I love your shoes.

  11. Member
    mrscam24 99 posts, Worker bee @ 3:26 pm

    Those earrings are beautiful! I have the same dilemma… I think I’ll end up with big earrings too instead of a necklace.

  12. Member
    Mrs. Waterfall 1300 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:12 pm

    You look gorgeous, and mr. squirrel looks so dapper too… there’s just something about a black and white photo of a man in a tux :)

    Hope your best friend is doing better, sending prayers your way.

  13. Member
    Mrs. Gondola 970 posts, Busy bee @ 2:07 am

    I love the photo of the girls seeing you in your dress. Their faces just light up!

  14. Member
    bluebelle23 972 posts, Busy bee @ 4:54 pm

    I keep checking back and waiting on your updates! More Squirrels please!

  15. Guest
    Dane, Guest @ 6:13 am

    Well done! The photos look fun and unique! :)

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