Fresh Flower Table Numbers

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for all you DIY fiends out there. A quick, fresh, and easy floral table number project from FiftyFlowers! Enjoy!


This adorable and functional project adds fresh, natural detail to every table while directing guests to their seats.




Depending on the frames you choose and the average cost of blooms at $12 per bunch, this project costs around $9 per table number.


Approximately six minutes per table number.


  • Separate frames from glass, remove all stickers, and clean both sides of glass.


  • Print and cut all table number templates to 5 x 7 size.


  • Cut fabric material to 5 x 7 size.


  • Select complete blossoms and cut or pinch away from the stem at the base of the bud.



  • Line up number template under glass and begin gluing blossoms along outline; be careful not to use too much glue to prevent strings.



  • Starting from #1, glue all flower numbers on glass and lay flat. By the time you are finished with #10, the glue will be set on #1.



  • With clean hands (starting with #1) begin assembling frames by replacing the number template with the fabric and securing glass in place.


  • Allow to dry according to glue instructions.


For the freshest look, make the night before use and store in a cool dry place.



Expert tips from Raining Roses Productions:

  1. Separate larkspur blossoms into three piles (small, medium, and large) so it’s easy to select the right blossom size for the number shape when you are gluing.
  2. Use the frame glass and a pencil to create a template when cutting your fabric.
  3. For a vintage or rustic look, allow the larkspur (on the finished frames) to dry for a day or two.


Special thanks to Jesus Rodriquez at Raining Roses Productions for bringing this project to life. Raining Roses is a full-service event design and decor company based in Orlando, Florida and specializing in custom design elements for weddings and celebrations.

And a big thanks to FiftyFlowers for submitting this nifty DIY project! You can get in on the DIY fun by scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of the wedding flower planners at Just send an email to to get started! Or download the Flower “Recipe” worksheet designed to assist you in knowing how much to order for your DIY wedding flowers.

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    Mrswifey, Guest @ 3:35 pm

    Cute idea

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    BB, Guest @ 8:00 pm

    How long would these flower last till? If I plan to do it the day before my wedding, would that be feasible? Thank you!

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