Asking the Bridesmaids

Where we last left off, I was determined to ask my friends to be bridesmaids in a special, surprising way. I had a few details secured, and asking them was next up on my to-do list!

Even though there are a lot of great options, I decided that simple, handwritten cards in the wedding colors would be best for me. I used this design from Wedding Chicks for the cards. It’s simple to use, and has plenty of colors to pick from. Actually, it was while designing my cards that I settled on our wedding colors—teal, dark purple, and champagne. I was playing around with a few other combos and I didn’t like how they came out in the print, but I love how these did. I used “Grape Jelly” for the text and “Tiffany Blue” for the scroll.


Image downloaded from Wedding Chicks

For size, I used a whole sheet of paper for each and I folded down the middle to make the card. I was worried it would be too big, but I had a lot to say to each girl, so I ended up needing that space. I printed the front design as a single picture (5×7), and made sure to orient it the right way (with a test run or two!).

And here’s how they turned out!


I made four bridesmaids and one maid of honor card. /All remaining photos are personal


I think that the slightly metallic paper made the colors look so much better. I used the Champagne Pearl from this “Royal Metallics” paper that I found at Target.


And I wrote a note inside for each girl, describing how much it would mean for me to have them be my bridesmaid. I also included some info at the top with the date, location, and venues. All in a purple pen, of course.


And I got mocked for including our names at the top, as if they don’t know us. I just wanted to be thorough!

I took our sisters, BM C and MOH R, out to dinner the night before my dress-shopping appointment and gave them the cards, and of course they said yes! (We went to one of our favorites, Katie’s, and had a great meal and drinks. If you’re in NOLA, I highly recommend. It was on DDD, but I wouldn’t call the place a dive.)


Back at my house after our dinner. My sister/MOH R is on the left, and Sphinx’s sister BM C is on the right.

BM E couldn’t make that dinner, so I gave her the card a week later, and she said yes too!

BM TPerk and BM M are both out of town, so I mailed those cards that next week. I was SO nervous to hear back from them. I told Sphinx that I didn’t know how he had handled the anxiety leading up to the proposal, because this was just sending cards to my bridesmaids and I was so nervous to hear back! Fortunately, they didn’t let me sweat too long and called me when they received the cards that weekend to accept.

If I could offer any advice—don’t sit down and write them all at once. I kept a page in my wedding binder to jot down ideas for the cards (heard the song that BM M and I love to sing to each other on the radio—make sure that goes in the card!), and I even wrote some rough drafts. It made it much easier to write when it came time to do it, and I didn’t have to force anything. I didn’t make myself finish them all at once, and I think that helped make them very sincere, which is what I was aiming for. I’ll be sure to do this whenever we’re doing cards closer to the wedding, like for our parents.

The cards had a good response, and they served the purpose I needed without stretching my artistic abilities too far (or…at all, really). I have some incredible friends and I am so glad that they will be by my side all day for the wedding!

How did you ask your bridesmaids? Did you have to adjust your color scheme mid-project?


Mrs. Pyramid

New Orleans, LA
Wedding Date:
May 2014
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  1. Member
    josina 687 posts, Busy bee @ 8:10 am

    I used the same wedding chicks design to ask my bridesmaids! I printed on a flat 5 x 7 on plain paper (love your metallic!) and wrote a nice note on the back, same as you. I then included a photograph of myself w/ each girl and mailed them all out. I think the personalized note is a great idea and a great way to let the girls know how you feel about them and how important they are to you!

  2. Member
    ms_purple 2675 posts, Sugar bee @ 9:17 am

    I DIY’d the ring pop boxes and gave 4/5 of them in person. One I mailed with a card and got a response right away. I wasn’t worried about asking any of my girls though, they were all just obvious choices to me. They all jumped up and down, cried, and said yes! It’s all been great so far too! They’re really the best.
    FI was much more nervous asking the guys to be in the wedding. He just asked them in person or over the phone but he dreaded doing it. This is why we still are technically one groomsman short and have no ushers.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    vttp926, Guest @ 10:23 am

    Love the paper!

    I so wanted to go to Katie’s the last time I was in NOLA. The food there look so good especially after seeing my cousins photos.

  4. candy apple Member
    candy apple 1877 posts, Buzzing bee @ 11:30 am

    So sweet! Looks like you put a lot of thought into these :) Love it.

  5. Member
    soontobemrs_z 387 posts, Helper bee @ 12:48 pm

    I made my girls boxes filled with booze and other goodies and a handmade card asking them. My MOH actually used the template you did though!

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Lynnie, Guest @ 12:51 pm

    I love this! Those are my colors too! Got my inspiration from the blue dendrobium Orchids! That’s what our flowers and color scheme enter in =)

  7. msfilly Member
    Mrs. Filly 827 posts, Busy bee @ 4:30 pm

    Those look so professional – great job! I’m sure your bridesmaids loved them!!

    (My girls – my sisters and future SIL – got an awkward, stuttery phone call. Whoops :()

  8. Member
    Miss_Mimosa 190 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:54 pm

    I love how much time you put into these cards, I am sure it meant a lot to your girls!

  9. gondola Member
    gondola 1046 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:20 am

    I so agree that being sincere is more important than getting them finished all at once. Great advice!

  10. pyramid Member
    Mrs. Pyramid 104 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:06 pm

    @Josina: Sounds cute! I was trying to get pictures together for their cards but ran out of time – I need to keep that in mind for BM gifts!
    @Lynnie: so pretty! I love blues and purples, they are my favorites
    oh don’t get me started on asking the guys – he has asked all but one. He just likes asking them when no one else is around and how likely is that to happen?
    @vttp926: aw man, it is pretty good! I bet you got to eat some other good places too!
    @SOONTOBEMRS_Z: using booze…you are a clever bride, ma’am!

  11. Member
    vttp926 947 posts, Busy bee @ 5:32 pm

    Well it’s kinda hard to eat out when I am in NOLA. Just have so much to do and my family loves to cook. So we rarely get to go out to eat unless I am with my friends instead of family.

  12. mswaterfall Member
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:31 am

    Totally unrelated, but I really see the family resemblance with your sister!

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