Miss Bighorn Sheep’s Holiday Gift Guide

My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas (I know, we’re a bunch of Grinches), but Mr. Big and I have been keen to inject some holiday spirit into the house. We’ve been thinking of putting up our (black, mwahaha) Christmas tree, especially as Groom’s Homie Oddball has never put one up. So we’ll be doing that over the weekend (hopefully)!

More than likely we won’t be buying each other gifts, but in a world where (1) we had the money (darn wedding) and (2) my family actually celebrated Christmas, I’ve assembled a bunch of gifts!

So without further ado, here’s the Bighorn Holiday Gift Guide.


I don’t like being the “I have everything I need” person, but honestly I do. I’m not in want of anything in particular. That being said, I have been coveting new boots (several of them, in fact).

New Rock Boots

Taken from the New Rock Australia website

Mr. Big has a pair of New Rock boots. He swears by them. We’re both into punk rock, so it’s not a wonder that Mr. Big had a pair of these boots. When he wears them, he’s an inch taller! I have been coveting these babies for years! This particular boot has everything I’ve ever wanted in a boot: studs, chains, and buckles.

Doc Martens

I’ve been told that Doc Martens need some serious breaking in before they become an everyday shoe, but MAN, do I want these!

The Triumph 1914 Womens boot in Cherry

And finally, Seychelles, recommended by Mrs Wallaby.

These boots in particular just tickle my fancy. I’ve always wanted knee-highs and, being made from leather, they’ll stretch with wear. (Thanks Mrs. W for the tip!) They also have buckles and are at a perfect height for everyday wear.

The “Hold My Hand” boot from Seychelles

I also want a charm bracelet. I covet it even more so since I found out ThinkGeek sells a “Companion Cube” charm.

The charm bracelet from Think Geek, including the Portal Companion Cube charm (the first charm on the left).


Mr. Big can be difficult to buy for. If he wants something, he’ll usually just buy it for himself. For example, he wanted a flat screen LED 3D TV—he bought it; he wanted an Xbox One—he bought it; he wanted specific games for the Xbox One—he bought them; he wanted a particular board game—he bought it, etc., etc.

So when it comes to gifting Mr. Big, I have to think of things he wants but can’t be bothered buying himself. So I was thinking of getting him…

A Gold Class Movie Card

If you don’t know what Gold Class is, it’s this:

Image taken from Event Cinemas

Basically, it’s premium theatre-watching at the outfit known as Event Cinemas here in Australia. Unfortunately, Gold Class isn’t available in Victoria and Tasmania, but it is in Sydney and the greater NSW area.

In Gold Class, you sit down in a HUGE chair that reclines and you can order whatever you want, be it champagne, beer, cocktails, ice cream, pizza, burgers, or even just Coke and popcorn. The food is then waited out to you.

And the awesome thing about these cards is you can put a dollar value on it from a minimum of $40 to a maximum of $1,000. So it can be used as your own personal “theatre credit card.” Mr. Big is a huge movie-goer, so I think he’d appreciate this. Another thing is that the card lasts for 12 months or until the dollar value on the card expires.

A Geeky Bath Robe

One of Mr. Big’s favourite geeky merchandise websites is Think Geek. It’s a good place to look for gifts of a more unusual nature, especially if your fiancé(e)/friend/partner/sibling/etc. is of the geeky persuasion. They sell merchandise from a whole heap of fandoms including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics, Portal, Adventure Time, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. They also sell their own merchandise (such as their “computer terminology shirts”).

From this particular website, Mr. Big’s wanted this for a while:

Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe from Think Geek

It also comes in Sith:

Although I’d be tempted to get him this instead:

The Walking Dead Survivor bathrobe from Think Geek

He’d be able to wear either of these around on the honeymoon too! (More on the honeymoon later. ;) )

Grumpy Cat Plush

Mr. Big has a strange obsession with Grumpy Cat. I’m not too sure why (although she is cute), so what better way to quell his obsession than with a plush of the furry pessimist.

Taken from Think Geek

And finally, claddagh cuff links.

You guys all know the significance of the claddagh to us Bighorn folks, so what better way to say Merry Xmas and I love you to Mr. Big than through these beauties:

Claddagh cuff links from Benjamin Cufflinks


For my parents:

On Mother’s Day this year, we gave my parents (well, my mother, but my father got it too, haha!) the ultimate gift: a weekend away. My parents are pretty traditional, so they don’t normally take a child-free holiday. When we gave the gifts to my parents they were the envy of their friends’ circle. Mama Bighorn was actually sort of teary with happiness upon receiving the gift.

With that said, if we were giving gifts to my parents this holiday season, I think we would give them this gift again, but a different hotel and fine-dining experience. I think they would love it if they stayed in a hotel like this:

The Horizon Opera House City Room at the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Followed by a nice dinner at a place like this:

The Guillame at Bennelong right inside the Opera House

That way Mama Bighorn gets a weekend away to not worry about cooking or cleaning the house and Papa Bighorn gets the ultimate fine-dining experience, all paid for by their kids (and future son-in-law).

For his parents:

Because FIL (de Papa) Big and MIL (Mumma) Bighorn live in New Zealand, it can be pretty hard to get them anything. Normally, for Mother’s/Father’s Days and birthdays, Mr. Big and I go for a hamper with a selection of wines, beers, cheeses, chocolates, and snacks that we know they’d love.

A Christmas Hamper from Bliss Baskets & Gifts

Flowers are another port of call; however, I found this, which I think MIL (Mumma) Bighorn might like, being the avid gardener that she is:

Gardener’s Joy Living Tree Gift, from Flying Flowers

This gift gives the recipient a baby tree and gardening essentials. So with this gift, she can plant this beautiful tree in her garden and watch it grow!


For Groom’s Homie Oddball

Groom’s Homie Oddball is heavily into anime, manga, and video games. So I was thinking of getting her a “plush pack” consisting of:

  • A Portal Weighted Companion Cube Plush

Taken from Think Geek

  • A Final Fantasy Plush—most likely the Moogle or the Chocobo

Taken from Think Geek

  • A Heartless plush from the game Kingdom Hearts

Image from Anime Plushies

  • And because I can, a pair of Nyan cat and “chubby wing” earrings:

WHY IS THIS CAT SO CUTE? / Image via Etsy shop SweetWhatevers, who I’ve been stalking for forever.

Image via Etsy shop SweetWhatevers

For MoH M&Ms and The Don

MoH M&Ms is into Alice in Wonderland and vintage-esque fashionings. She and her boyfriend, The Don, intend on moving into their own apartment next year, so I was thinking of getting her a Kaboodle Designs gift certificate.

Kaboodle Designs is a shop that sells handmade items of a vintage nature. I love their lockets, pocket watches, and earrings, and MoH M&MS is a HUGE fan of their Alice collection (you can say it’s a shared love between the shop and herself). So a gift certificate to Kaboodle Designs wouldn’t do amiss with M&Ms.

She’d be able to buy assorted homewares from them (cushions, decorative pieces) or even something for herself.

The Don and M&Ms is also obsessed with this game:

Taken from Cards Against Humanity

Yeah, I know, it’s been said and done. But it’s the truth!

And that’s the Bighorn gift guide!

So tell me, hive, what do you covet and crave? What are you going to give to your loved ones?


See all the bees’ 2013 gift guides here & get in on the fun on the boards””we might feature your gift ideas here on the blog!


Mrs. Bighorn Sheep

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Wedding Date:
February 2014
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