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We are having Chiavari chairs at our reception (or Tiffany, as we call them in México). At the beginning I was leaning toward the gold ones, but neither my FI nor my mom liked them.


Image via The Ultimate Wedding Project

Oh well. So instead, I think we are having the brown ones:


Image via Milwaukee Chair Rental

I think the chairs are beautiful, even though I suspect they are plastic instead of wood. Anyway, I was looking at some inspiration photos on how to beautify them a bit more.

For the couple, we’ve all seen all these gorgeous pictures:


Image via The Elli Blog


Image via Mi Emporium


Image via United With Love / Photo by One Love Photography / by ArmyMomofTwins

I had to have something like that!!  For this super easy project I used:

  • Thick cardboard letters
  • Electric drill
  • Washi tape (mt brand)
  • Thin ribbon


First, using the drill, I punched two holes at the top of each letter. (Keep in mind we will not be a Mr. and Mrs.—we will be a “Sr. Y Sra.” as in señor y señora.)


I started covering the letters, strip by strip, with the tape.


I folded the corners and covered the backs of the letters. Then the sides.


Of course after I was finished I realized the color was all wrong!! It was orange, not coral, so I peeled the tape off and started all over again.

There, this is more like it.


After that, I simply strung the ribbon through each hole and tied it.


And voilà, my chair decor is done! (Ohhh, I’m so embarrassed—my bright pink Croc is showing! I swear I only wear them when I’m home alone!)

Then I started to think about the guest chairs.  I found some lovely inspiration pics:


 Image via The Canterbury Place Blog / Photo by Lindsay Jane Studios


 Image via The Canterbury Place Blog / Photo by Lindsay Jane Studios

But I wonder”¦isn’t doing sashes for 250-plus chairs a lot? Would it look saturated? Maybe I could do it alternating—one chair with, one without.

What do you think? Are you doing something with your chairs?


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  1. wellies Member
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:08 am

    Very clever to use tape! They look great! :)

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Lexie, Guest @ 11:29 am

    Very cute! I was wondering the same thing about the guest chairs. My venue is really cramped and I think it might be too much if the chairs are decorated. Plus, I think they’re so pretty by themselves!

  3. Member
    missgoldfish 454 posts, Helper bee @ 12:31 pm

    I think the Chivari chairs are perfect as is and don’t need the extra sashes. I love the Señora and Señor signs you made for your chairs!

  4. msfilly Member
    Mrs. Filly 827 posts, Busy bee @ 1:48 pm

    I agree with @MissGoldFish – the chairs are so pretty and elegant as is, they don’t need anything else!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Amy, Guest @ 5:32 pm

    Sashes on the guest chairs would be overkill, I think. Keep it simple…they’re pretty chairs already and will look great as is.

  6. Member
    ykyegbride 655 posts, Busy bee @ 6:36 pm

    We had 200 guests at our wedding, so chose to do a sash on only every second chair (both because I was afraid it would be too much, and for cost savings).

    I think it was the perfect balance! So if you’re nervous about 250, then alternate chairs, and it will look lovely.

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Erin @ Live & Love L.A., Guest @ 8:04 pm

    I am having the gold Chiavari chairs at my wedding this year! I told everyone it was my one non-negotiable item…lol.

    Your chairs will be amazing no matter what. Because weddings are the best!!! And from what I’ve heard, no one remembers the chairs anyways.

    Erin from Live & Love L.A.

  8. camel Member
    camel 703 posts, Busy bee @ 8:27 pm

    I second MissGoldFish — Chivari chairs are beautiful in and of themselves! No need to spend the extra money and time to spruce them up! I say skip the detail, no one will notice but you!

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs.Mittens, Guest @ 9:19 pm

    We switched from gold to brown as well and I’m so glad that we did, they looked great! I agree with the PP’s that the chairs are awesome on their own.

  10. Member
    MrsMermaid 159 posts, Blushing bee @ 11:08 am

    i think the sashes on every chair would be too much, but if you are having special tables (like the ones with your parents, etc.) you can put sashes on just those table, to further distinguish them.

  11. pyramid Member
    Mrs. Pyramid 104 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:08 am

    These look very cute for your chairs! I don’t think that you need some for every chair, that would be a lot of work!

  12. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 6:59 am

    These are so cute!

  13. weathervane Member
    weathervane 171 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:56 am

    @Lexie: @MissGoldFish: @Miss Filly: @Amy: @ykyegbride: @Mrs. Camel: Thank you for your advice ladies! The more I think about it the more I have to agree with you, 250 will be to much!! @MrsMermaid: I really like your idea!!! Only sashes for the special tables!!!! 😀

  14. gondola Member
    gondola 1046 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:30 am

    I don’t think Chivari chairs need decoration. Skip it and have a glass of wine instead.

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