Trying on Big White Dresses

Foreword: When thinking about this entry, I first felt hesitant to write and post it. I’ve mentioned before that I am a bride struggling with her weight, trying to work and get to a healthy range. Under normal circumstances, I prefer to shop alone so the horror stories of me and ill-fitting clothing stay between me and the fabric. My pending wedding frustrates me even more about my weight, and then putting on sample dresses that most likely aren’t in my size sets me up to be pushed over the mental edge. However, when I decided to blog about my wedding, I wanted to make sure it was an honest portrayal: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if I feel like I look like mashed potatoes stuffed in a sock in some of these pictures.

I made plans to go to a local boutique, One Enchanted Evening, and then a national retailer, Alfred Angelo. In order to circumvent a similar situation to the selection I saw at David’s Bridal, I asked the boutique about their plus size dresses, and I was assured there was a big selection. The shop is about 30 minutes from my house, so I took the woman’s word for it and scheduled the appointment. I wanted to make sure Alfred Angelo had a decent selection, and the local store happens to be on my way home from work, so I swung by there and scoped things out for myself. All in all, the store had a good variety in the plus-size dress samples (not as much as the “regular” size, but a decent amount), so I scheduled an appointment online when I got home.

Now before I get into photos and more details, Mr. PB must leave the building. Toodles!


We went to One Enchanted Evening first and, despite what I was told on the phone, the plus size selection did not impress me. I tried on three or four dresses there but ended up just frustrated, hot, and, most of the time, like a sausage in a wedding casing. Plus, the consultant put me in a taffeta dress and a mermaid-fit dress, despite me saying chiffon and A-line. Sharpie, DW, Frack, and Mr. PB’s mom all took pictures there, but I never asked to see them because I knew the dresses weren’t even contenders. So I won’t bore you with those photos.

I was over that place and ready to head to Alfred Angelo. Overall, my experience at Alfred Angelo was a very positive one; the consultant was very patient, understanding, and helpful, which is important when you are getting down to your undergarments with a complete stranger. The only downfall that I found was one dress that I really thought I would love to try on was only available in a size four, which to me seemed pretty absurd because that means ladies that wear over an eight probably couldn’t try it on. But I just chalked that up as it not being the one for me. OK, enough words—how about some pictures?

All photos courtesy of Frack’s cell phone.


Lace, beading, ruffles (or what I kept calling a fiesta bottom)—I liked 2123, but it just wasn’t the one.


I really loved the back of 2083, but the front definitely wasn’t flattering on me. Bummer”¦


First off, please tell me you didn’t just look at my face in this picture. (Welp, if you didn’t before, you probably just did”¦sigh). Anyway, again, I loved the back of this dress (Frack coined it the waterfall butt), but the 2387 didn’t have a wow factor. I stood at a mirror about 15 feet away from me and you couldn’t tell the dress had any sparkle at all.


This dress, 2171 (no longer available), had the wow factor that I was looking for with the beading but looked and felt too much like a nightgown to me.


Beading around the waist and a fiesta bottom gave 2314 cool features, but the ruching around belly made this dress a no. (Again, no idea what I was doing with my face and hands in the first one.)

Still standing in the last dress, I chatted with my posse about where I should go from there. The unanimous answer: Philly. I couldn’t get the Julietta dress out of my mind, and none of these dresses compared. Mr. PB and I decided that we would go at the end of June after we went to Wisconsin for the wedding of two great friends, Packers and Cheese.

Anyone else make up silly names for dress features like “fiesta bottom” or “waterfall butt”? How many stores did you go to during dress shopping?


Mrs. Phone Booth

Rochester, NY
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March 2014
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  1. Member
    Jen041815 923 posts, Busy bee @ 6:20 am

    I went to 4 or 5 stores and probably tried on 20 dresses before I found the one. I had actually tried her on at a previous salon and wasn’t overly impressed, but she was a size too small there. When I tried her on in my actual size, I knew it was the one. I applaud the girls who can “see” it with a dress that’s not in their size. It is a tough thing to do.

  2. parisian Member
    Miss Parisian 588 posts, Busy bee @ 6:28 am

    Fiesta bottom & waterfall butt! I definitely think we made up words, and used terms like “tablecloth lace” and “nightgown-y” a fair amount during dress shopping. I can’t wait to see how your Philly trip turns out!

  3. roadtrip Member
    roadtrip 803 posts, Busy bee @ 7:30 am

    I remember trying on 2171 myself and can see what you mean about nightgown (though I found more “nightgownish” dresses at David’s).

  4. msbicycle Member
    msbicycle 718 posts, Busy bee @ 8:03 am

    Ooh, I can’t wait to hear how the Philadelphia trip turns out!

  5. mspalmtree Member
    Mrs. Palm Tree 1122 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:31 am

    Lol, 2171 is so nightgowny! That’s the perfect way to describe it. I absolutely agree that these dresses, while beautiful, don’t have the It Factor. I’m excited to read more about your experience!

  6. Member
    bridesmomma 476 posts, Helper bee @ 11:03 am

    You are being wayyyy too hard on yourself! I think you look great in all of these dresses, but especially #2083! :-)

  7. wellies Member
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:18 am

    So excited for your Philly trip (Philly represent)! 😀

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Nikki, Guest @ 12:20 pm

    2083 was my wedding gown :) You’ll find something great and look fantastic! We’re our own worst critics

  9. pyramid Member
    Mrs. Pyramid 104 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:50 pm

    I loved a dress that I tried on that had the waterfall butt! I loved the effect it gave in the back (aka it made my butt look good!) but that ended up not being the one overall.
    I like the direction your search is going, but I agree none of these were perfect for you- I’m excited for what you did find!

  10. Member
    slykrab 17 posts, Newbee @ 12:54 pm

    We ARE our own worse critics, because you look great! You really do. Not at all like mashed potatoes stuffed in a sock. :)

    I’m also in the camp of needing to shed some serious pounds before the wedding, and I’m delaying gown shopping for a few months for that reason. But, I’m learning that even if I don’t get to where I want to be, I’m more than just a number on a scale, and my FI loves me no matter what. I know you can say the same. {{{hugs}}}

    I can’t wait to see which gown you end up with!

  11. milkcow Member
    Mrs. Milk Cow 215 posts, Helper bee @ 1:19 pm

    Hahaha waterfall butt, I love it! Also just throwing it out there – you look amazing. I can’t wait to hear about the Julietta :)

  12. bighornsheep Member
    bighornsheep 115 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:24 pm

    You look stunning Miss PB. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I especially love you in 2387 (with the waterfall butt :P), but I can see what you mean about the non-sparkle. I definitely wanted some blingy-ness in my dress too!

  13. Member
    soupir 318 posts, Helper bee @ 6:01 pm

    Your shape and your curves are gorgeous! I love how you make those dresses so alive! Take it from a short skinny girl. I make every wedding dress look like a bag on me. I don’t fill them, I don’t curve them, they just hang. I have the shape of a teenage boy and I’m a 38 year old woman! No curves at all. My sides are just straight, and the dresses look like fabric boxes on me! And now that I’m in my 30s, I bloat like crazy, so you have this shapeless form with what looks like a 3 month pregnant belly lol Doesn’t look good! You, on the other hand, are rocking those dresses! Lift up your chin, and be proud! You look honestly amazing!

  14. msfilly Member
    Mrs. Filly 827 posts, Busy bee @ 1:52 am

    Ow owwww! Hot stuff!

    My personal favorite so far is the waterfall butt, but I can’t wait to see how your Philly road trip goes.

  15. msfilly Member
    Mrs. Filly 827 posts, Busy bee @ 1:54 am

    P.S. You do NOT look like mashed potatoes stuffed in a sock in any of these! Be proud of your gorgeous curves!

  16. Member
    canway11 406 posts, Helper bee @ 8:42 am

    I was lucky and went to one store. But I made sure it was a plus size only store. It is called Miss Pamela’s it is in Rochester IN. I drove 2.5 hours from Chicago but it was worth it. I tried on about 20 dresses then found the one. The experience was amazing. I new some were just not it so did not show the entourage. But all fit and all were nice just not the one. It was very important to bring the right shapers and bra to try them on.

  17. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 9:10 am

    I love the dress names you came up with. You will be a stunning bride!

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