Watercooler: August 23, 2014

  1.  An Unexpected Something Blue by Mrs. Pyramid
  2. Hare’s to the Happy Couple: One Year Later And A ’90s Dance Band by Mrs. Jackrabbit
  3. Lucky In Love: Ceremony Details by Mrs. Clover
  4. Lucky In Love: We Process by Mrs. Clover
  5. WWBD: Table Set Up by Mrs. Border Collie
  6. Fun and Shenanigans! by Miss Goose
  7. DIY Bouquet Charm To Honor The Loss of A Loved One by Miss Hen
  8. Cake Toppers Revisited by Miss Border Collie
  9. A Bridal Shower Fit For The Mitten by Miss Hen
  10. Showered With Love by Miss Goose




Classifieds: August 22, 2014
Last Night in the Singles' Nest

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