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So, I’m in awe of brides who bring their whole bridal party together, even when people live in different states and stuff. My two ladies and I are, like, a total of two hours away from each other. But I was too lazy to get everyone together in person. (Yes, all three of us…) I think this was partially due to the fact that I hate shopping, though; if you recall, we did all get together for a super fun day at a bridal fair. So, with my lame excuse about everyone living far away, and schedules “being difficult,” I set out to find the perfect bridesmaids’ dress on the internet!

Just like every other bride in the world, I wanted to find dresses that the girls liked, that complemented their figures, that were hopefully under $100, and (ta-da! You knew it was coming!) that they could re-wear. (It’s every bride’s dream, right?) Here are photos of my initial dress picks:


Image via Macy’s.com


Image via David’s Bridal


Image via David’s Bridal


Image via David’s Bridal

I was really, really loving the first dress from Macy’s. I thought it was really cute, the price was excellent, and it was totally re-wearable. Bestie L went down to Macy’s to try on the dress. And…it looked horrible. She sent me a picture of herself in the dress and made me promise to delete it. It did not flatter her figure at all. So that dress was out! We nixed the David’s Bridal bridesmaids’ dresses because DB doesn’t have the shade of red I was looking for. I wanted a bright red, but they really only had dark red or orange-y red dresses.

Bestie M suggested these dresses:


Image via Mod Cloth


Image via Trashy Diva

But by this point, I was really into the chiffon, beach-y style dresses. I loved her selections and thought the two dresses were beautiful, but they felt so formal to me. So, it was back to the drawing board.

After more internet searching, I sent them these pics:


Image via JJ’s House


Image via JJ’s House


Image via JC Penney

And…to make a short story long, the girls liked the last dress! Bestie M bought two dresses in the ladies’ size (free shipping!), and they each tried on the dress (on different occasions).



Personal pics

Hooray! I think both of them looked beautiful in this dress! Obviously we have to figure out the undergarments, and maybe alter a little, but I am really happy with this dress.

I’m so happy to cross this off the list. And I swear, it seemed stressful picking dresses while caught up in the process, but dang, this was actually pretty easy.

Would you pick out your bridesmaids’ dresses online? Were you amazing and got all of your bridesmaids together for a shopping trip? (Tell me how!) Did the task of picking dresses seem very stressful? Did it end up to be, or were you pleasantly surprised?


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  1. msgoat Bee
    Mrs. Goat 18 posts, Newbee @ 5:06 pm

    I love the color!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Shy, Guest @ 7:57 am

    The task for me didnt seem stressful as I said they could wear whatever dress they wanted! Just told them to keep it a muted tone but wear whatever they felt comfortable in.

  3. Member
    newyearseve 831 posts, Busy bee @ 12:45 pm

    Love the dress you ended up with! I picked mine out online and called my bridesmaids and told them I found their dresses and picked a day we can all go together to try them on and get them! I got lucky as everyone loved them and looked great in them. I dont think they are very re-wearable though but I wanted long dresses as it was winter! I think its nice your bm got a say in them…i didnt really give that as an option lol although obviously if someone had said they didnt like them I would have changed it!!!!

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