Post-a-Thon RIGHT NOW on the Boards!

Posted 14 hours ago by beehive

Our April post-a-thon is TONIGHT at 7:00 PM EST! This is our first post-a-thon since we launched our site redesign, so let’s make it a good one! If you’ve never participated in a post-a-thon before, they’re tons of fun! Bloggers bees, hive hostesses, and hive members all get together on the boards for lots of chatting, wedding related and otherwise. … read more

That’s Amore: The Details

Posted 18 hours ago by Mrs. Gondola

I absolutely love detail posts, and I’m so excited to share with you a few details from our American wedding! Mr. G’s suit and shoes. Mr. G went with a gray pinstriped suit and pink pocket square. The condo where we stayed had all sorts of cool decor, and our photographer took this shot with a vintage jukebox from the … read more

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A Tux Or Suit?

Posted 21 hours ago by Miss Llama

Wait—you mean MY DRESS isn’t the only piece of important attire on this day?? Because I didn’t take a whole lot of input from Mr. Llama on what he wanted me to wear on our wedding day, I wanted him to have the same freedom. He has always wanted a three piece suit, so this seemed the perfect time to … read more

The Internet Can Only Take You So Far…

Posted 22 hours ago by Miss Goat

Research is great! Don’t get me wrong, Google is probably my first step in every wedding-planning stage, but there’s something to be said for speaking to real people, getting pricing firsthand, and sampling products. Where, you ask, can all these wonderous things happen all at once? Why at a bridal show, of course. It’s great to attend at least one … read more

Traditions: Plan or Pass

Posted 23 hours ago by Miss Hen

In my last post about wedding activities, I mentioned that Mr. Rooster and I will probably be skipping some of the usual wedding traditions, like tossing the bouquet and cutting the cake. I thought it would be a good idea (for both your entertainment and my need to get things down on paper) to share a bit about what traditions … read more

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