Posted 37 mins ago by Miss Milk Cow

Shortly after getting engaged, Mr. MC and I attended a friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful, but our most vivid memory isn’t of the bride and groom—it is of the guest that insisted on taking pictures of all the big wedding moments. I remember her blocking my view for part of the first dance and standing opposite the photographer during … read more

We’re All Mad Here…

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Goat

This Saturday we were showered with blessings in the form of a Mad Hatter tea party! Personal Photo © 2014 – Sorry for the erasing I had to do! It was a really great opportunity for all the different sections of our family and friends to get to know each other better before the wedding day. This is important since … read more

The Never-Ending Sudoku Puzzle

Posted 3 hours ago by Miss Squid

Disclaimer: This post touches on our wedding budget. I was hesitant to write about our budget because budgets can span a huge spectrum and are completely personal/individual decisions. However, I feel that our budget was one of the first big wedding decisions we had to make, and I didn’t want to just ignore it. That said, I’ve found weddings of … read more

The NewlyJets: The Big Solo

Posted 5 hours ago by Mrs. Jet Setter

Mr. Jet and I stole a few minutes at each location for some solo shots. BONUS: In case we don’t like anyone in our wedding party down the road, we can pretend like it was just the two of us. Prepare yourselves for kissing and general romance.

Falling for You: #Selfie

Posted 20 hours ago by Mrs. Waterfall

While dancing was obviously a huge part of our reception, Mr. Waterfall and I knew that we really wanted to offer a photo booth to our guests. And boy was it ever a hit! It was fun for the whole family. Flower Girl M with her brother JC (my parents’ godson) and their parents We negotiated the photo booth as … read more

A Wise Woman Told Us…

Posted 1 day ago by Miss Goat

Determined to finish our registry, I dragged a less than enthusiastic Billie over to Bed Bath & Beyond to continue the process of selecting stuff. We were somewhat nervous because we heard from a friend that BB&B sends a wedding consultant around the store with you, and after last time’s fiasco of procrastinating decisions, we felt terrible subjecting a total … read more

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