How the Sixes Became Mr. and Mrs.: First Look-ing

*All photos by the wonderful Robert Gigliotti!

After my bridal metamorphosis had been completed, we went down to the room that Ben and Robert had scouted in which to do our first look.

Ben, pretending to fasten cufflinks.
I waited briefly for the signal from the best man, and then Benjamin and I had our Big Moment.

Ben and I, pretending to be in motion, but probably paused for photos.
Oh, the pretending of wedding pictures! Spoiler alert: the first look is very, very contrived. We stood… read more

Adventures in Vow Writing

You’d think the fact that I write for a living would make writing my wedding vows easy….but the honest truth is, I’m struggling. In fact, it’s straight-up hard. Hard enough that I sometimes wish for a religious ceremony with a set script. read more

The One with the Reception

It was time for my favorite part of the night: our reception! I wanted to be sure to save plenty of time for dancing, so we had an informal program throughout our plated dinner service. read more

How the Sixes Became Mr. and Mrs.: (Getting) Ready to Rock

After having a bit of a restless night, I woke up on WM (Wedding Morning) well before my alarm. I spent some time alone in prayer, took a long shower, and blow dried my hair at a leisurely pace. It felt lovely to not be rushed. read more

Floral Bridesmaid Headbands

These beautiful floral headbands are easy to make, and you can customize them to match your bridesmaids’ gowns. read more