A Brooch Flower Hybrid: Part 1

Posted 16 hours ago by Miss Goat

During my pre-engagement stage (OK, I admit it, pre-boyfriend—I was totally single!) I loved to watch Say Yes to the Dress. In this episode one of the brides had a brooch bouquet. These are quite popular now, but back then I had never even heard of this. I texted MOH Glam that I just had to have one of these, … read more

Online RSVPs: Don’t Make Me Hunt You Down

Posted 17 hours ago by Miss Hen

One of the things I was the most excited about for our wedding was creating the wedding website. I know it’s totally nerdy, but since I live and work online, I love this stuff. In fact, when a friend asked me recently to design a flyer for our 10-year high school reunion, I went for the extra credit and built … read more

A Carefree Honeymoon

Posted 18 hours ago by Mrs. Filly

I’m back, hive! The wedding is done, the gifts are unpacked and put away, the thank you notes have been written, the wedding diet (or lack thereof) is a thing of the past, and we’re settling nicely into married life. So far, so good. And now I can finally tell you about our blissful honeymoon. Buckle up—this is a LONG … read more

Inspirational Invitational

Posted 19 hours ago by Miss Pyramid

Are you ready, hive?  Pyramid invite week is here!  That’s right, we’ve got an onslaught of RSVPs hitting the mailbox these days, so I figure it’s safe to share without spoiling any reader’s surprises (Hi, Pyramid guests that follow!). From day one, I’ve said that if I could find an invitation suite—be it in a store, on Etsy, or another … read more


Posted 1 day ago by Miss Milk Cow

The closer we get to the wedding (under three months, but who’s counting?), the more I seem to be talking about my “dream” wedding. Mr. MC and I have known from the beginning that we would have a pretty traditional wedding, complete with a hotel reception. That’s what works best for us and our families, and we’re really excited about … read more

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