New Feature: Weddingbee Activity Feed!

Posted 14 hours ago by Mrs. Penguin

Hi Hive! We’re thrilled to announce our latest feature on the site: ACTIVITY FEED! If you look up at the top of the site, you’ll now see a heart icon next to your mailbox and profile icon. Clicking on it will send you to your activity feed, where you’ll be able to access: New posts by bee bloggers you follow … read more

Save the Dates, Part 1: Yeah, B*tch, Magnets!

Posted 18 hours ago by Miss Hammerhead

When it came time to put together save the dates, the ever-popular magnets seemed like a natural choice for us. For one thing, I knew we’d be sending them out kinda early (like, a-year-before-the-wedding-date early) because Cape Cod is a crazy place where last-minute vacations go to die thanks to thousands of people booking their hotel rooms months in advance. … read more

Cala-Married: Church Ceremony Details

Posted 21 hours ago by Mrs. Squid

Once we were done with all the pre-ceremony pictures, our family, bridal party, Mr. S, and I all boarded a shuttle bus from the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook to St. Charles in Brooklyn Heights. By this time it was rush hour on a Friday night and we hit a bit of traffic, so what usually is a 15 minute … read more

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Posted 1 day ago by Mrs. Border Collie

Guys, I really suck at coming up with blog titles. (Which I know is super obvious). Anyway, this was the first thing that popped into my head. And, now I’m singing Boyz II Men in my head. This song played at my eighth grade graduation. #Old. Anyway, sing along with me! It is really hard to say goodbye. Where do … read more

Make a Ring Box out of a Book

Posted 1 week ago by Lauren Hittinger

At least for me, the ring box was one of the last projects I finished when preparing for my wedding. It’s such a small detail, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that the guests would barely notice. However, I wanted something that would fit into my wedding theme and aesthetic.

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