Post-a-Thon Wednesday July 1st, 2015!

Posted 12 hours ago by beehive

Hello hive! We’re all getting together on the Weddingbee boards for a post-a-thon this Wednesday at 7:00 EST. Wedding season is in full swing, and I know a lot of you have a wedding date looming SOON. So why not take a night off and relax with your fellow hive members for some wedding-related and not-wedding-related chatter? Haven’t participated in … read more

Sea Monkey Ceremony Programs

Posted 14 hours ago by Mrs. Sea Monkey

The very last major thing we had left was making the ceremony programs. Unfortunately, we didn’t know any details about our ceremony until less than a week out. Like everything else about our wedding, I wanted to go with nontraditional programs. We weren’t having musicians, speakers, live singers, or a bridal party, so we had no reason to credit anyone. … read more

Last Minute Sea Monkey DIY Roundup

Posted 19 hours ago by Mrs. Sea Monkey

As the big day drew near, all of us realized how little time we had left and how fast the time goes by. Being a DIY bride has definitely taught me some invaluable time management skills. There were several projects that I stayed up doing until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The corsages, favors, Mr. Sea Monkey’s … read more

Watercooler: June 27, 2015

Posted 3 days ago by watercooler

GIY: Grow It Yourself by Miss Narwhal “Miss” No More: The Sea Monkeys Are MARRIED! by Mrs. Sea Monkey Pomp and Pork Belly: Shopping for Bridesmaids’ Dresses by Miss Puffer With You by My Side: Why It’s Not All About Me by Mrs. Sea Monkey The Tuxedo Torpedo: Dressing the Guys by Miss Puffer A Bee’s Life: Walrus Edition by … read more

Sea Monkey Bouts and Corsages

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Sea Monkey

Did you know that traditionally corsages and boutonnieres were given to mothers/fathers and grandmothers/grandfathers? Today, it is common to see the entire wedding party and important guests wearing them. Really, who receives them is up to the bride and groom. Since we weren’t having a wedding party at all, I decided to give them to immediate family members to recognize … read more

Create a Cupcake Tree

Posted 2 weeks ago by cheyenneb

Have you ever seen a dessert table at a wedding? They’re a great idea and can be so cute. Also, not everyone wants to eat cake so the table gives you a chance to provide different options. But what options should you provide? Cupcakes are an easy choice and mini cupcakes are especially great because they’re a little bit less … read more

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DIY Blue Wedding Garter

Posted 3 weeks ago by cheyenneb

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” If you’re traditional like me, these old wedding rules apply to you. Today I’m here to help you with your something blue. These garters are adorable and easy to make. You can customize them however you’d like. In my example I’ve used little flowers and beads, but you can change it … read more

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