Classifieds: October 26, 2016

Posted 18 mins ago by Classifieds

Mason Jar Centerpieces with Faux Florals
craftyblonde is selling a set of DIY mason jar centerpieces with faux florals. She is asking $200 for eight large and eight small centerpieces.

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Other great items for sale:

15 printed canvas bridal bags, asking $75
Theia sleeveless cowl neckline floral pleated brocade dress in hot pink, make an offer
26 assorted burlap… read more

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Happily Feather After: Exchanging Vows

Posted 2 hours ago by Mrs. Feather

You don’t need to look further than our vows to get an idea of how different Mr. Feather and I are. I started writing my vows about 3 months before the wedding. Mr. Feather finished up his vows and edited them with Best Man B as they were getting ready that morning. Which personally would’ve given me a heart attack, but Mr. Feather works best under a little bit of pressure. And his vows were phenomenal (and also, incredibly funny!)

He drew a beautiful picture of our lives together: from meeting… read more

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Once in a Blue Moon Love: We Take Our Places

Posted 6 hours ago by Mrs. Blue Moon

Though Mr. Blue Moon and I thought that we might ride to the ceremony together, Blue Dad absolutely vetoed this. He wanted to be the one to take me to the church, and I respected that. So the two of us, Blue Mom, and Groomsmen S (my youngest brother) piled into the car just like old times and headed to the church. Once we arrived, Mr. Blue Moon, our officiant, and Best Man L were already hidden away in a room behind the altar. My wedding planner, Adriel, whisked my bridesmaids and I into the nursery… read more

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Real E-Rings: Diamond Engagement Rings (Other Cuts)

Posted 22 hours ago by beehive

We’ve shared the round diamonds and the cushion cuts, the pears and the squares…but there are some diamond cuts that don’t quite fit into any of our categories. Check out the beautiful other diamond cuts we’ve got for you today, from real brides in the hive, as always.

For those playing catch-up, we launched a set of ring surveys, starting with 15 different styles of engagement rings (you can find them here and at the bottom of this post, as well as on the Boards as a stickied post). All you… read more

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Happily Feather After: Our Ceremony Begins

Posted 23 hours ago by Mrs. Feather

Mr. Feather and I decided that we would write the script for our secular ceremony as well as our own vows. It was a ton of work (especially the vows!) but absolutely worth it in the end to have a ceremony that included everything we felt strongly about. read more

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Classifieds: October 25, 2016

Posted 1 day ago by Classifieds

Green Moss Hanging Balls
amandamanners is selling a set of green moss hanging balls for ceremony decor. She is asking $20 for 12.

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Other great items for sale:

94 tri-fold pocket invitation envelopes in Platinum Shimmer Silver, asking $104
96 gold acrylic wedding chargers, asking $100 for local pickup
Short bridal gown/reception dress, size 8, asking $250 OBO

Classic… read more

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Easy-to-Make Rustic Seating Chart Display

Posted 1 month ago by Cheyenne Bolt

So, my mom had these cans hanging from strings in her garage. They were all connected to this long, beautiful, rustic-looking branch. This, with the idea that flowing ribbons are just cool, spawned my idea for the rustic seating chart we’ll be crafting today. My cousins actually had an outdoor rustic and boho style wedding, and they had ribbons and baubles hanging everywhere. The effect was so neat; I often want to recreate this kind of imagery in my crafts! With this seating chart, your guests will… read more

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How to Make Your Own Adorable Wedding Ring Pillow

Posted 2 months ago by Cheyenne Bolt

You heard it right. You can make your own ring pillow for your big day. I’m so excited about this project because I really feel it’s something that takes minimal effort but produces grand results. I kept mine pretty simple, and it still turned out neat! You could add so much to it, and you can also use a different fabric. I know felt might not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I like it, but there’s nothing wrong with using a different fabric.

Even if you do use slightly different materials, the basic… read more

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Make Your Own Wine-themed Centerpieces for Under $5!

Posted 2 months ago by Sacha Doucet

If you’re throwing a wine-themed wedding, here’s a cheap center piece idea that’s environmentally friendly to boot. Collect bottles and corks from your family and friends and you won’t have to spend a dime on the bulk of the project! The total cost of one centerpiece as seen above is just under $5!


A vase (the one displayed is 9 inches tall and 3.25 inches across and is from a dollar store)
Wine bottle
Roll of twine
X-acto knife
Cutting board
Paper,… read more

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