Watercooler: June 25, 2016

Posted 1 day ago by watercooler

On Wedding Guilt by Miss Eel
Sprinkle Some Love: Meet the Ice Cream Sundaes! by Miss Ice Cream Sundae
What’s Your Jam? The Horseshoe Playlist by Mrs. Horseshoe
Beef or Fish, Part 2 by Miss Eel
Doves in Love: Before the Storm by Mrs. Dove
Pretending to Math: Blue Moon Guests by Miss Blue Moon
Beef or Fish? by Miss Eel
Dried Flower Guestbook
Top 10 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: June 22, 2016 read more

Groomsmen Gifts Galore

Posted 2 days ago by Miss Ice Cream Sundae

I was FINALLY able to motivate Mr. Ice Cream Sundae to pick out his groomsmen’s gifts. WOOHOO! Cue the chorus, confetti, cheers, and applause! He really wanted the guys to love what he bought them. read more

Beef or Fish, Part 2

Posted 3 days ago by Miss Eel

When we last left off, Mr. Eel and I were busily assembling and sending out invitations. We used a quartz metallic pocketfold and RSVP envelope, and a standard white outer envelope. read more

The Bohemian Bouquet

Posted 3 weeks ago by cheyenneb

So, you’re having a bohemian style wedding? I feel like this style is very trendy right now, which is great if you’re on a budget because it can be done pretty cheaply! read more

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Embellished Geometric Glitter Flats

Posted 4 weeks ago by kirstennunez

It’s no secret that getting dressed up for your own wedding is half the fun. And while your big day is the definition of a formal gathering, it’s totally OK to take it easy. After all, the more comfortable you feel, the more you can enjoy the festivities. That’s why a pair of flats can save the day. Compared to sky high heels, they’re easier to walk in — especially when you’re wearing the dress of your dreams. To top it off, flats will increase your chances of feeling good all day and night, letting… read more

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