2 in 1 – Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

This past weekend, my lovely ladies gathered in nyc for my back to back bridal shower and bachelorette party. I loved the decor, the food, the gifts, but most of all, I LOVED having my closest girlfriends from different parts of my life all together to celebrate with me! I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Look at the beautiful decorations done by my artistic MOH.


Plastic body builders hanging from the cups. My favorite pose is the guy who’s hanging from one leg:


My MOH bought green tea sachet favors (http://www.beau-coup.com/tea_sachets.htm) (my fav tea flavor + green wedding color) and she personalized it by adding little tags made of the image from the save the dates Mr. Peach designed:


The super yummy food prepared by one of my talented BMs. Yeah, she made ALL of it!



One of the classic games we played: Toliet Paper Bride. Me with the winner (notice the gloves and sweetheart kneckline!):


Pre-party Jello shots made by my BMs (NOTE: Do not make them in plastic. They don’t squeeze out too easily. Little paper cups work best):


Real shots at the Bachelorette Party (everyone wore leis and they gave me a crown):


All the girls who traveled from Boston, DC, Cali, and NYC (notice the pretty gerber daises hanging along clear wire):


I laughed and smiled so much, my face hurt by the end of the night (me smiling like an idiot):



Mrs. Peach

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March 2016
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Apple, Guest @ 11:03 am

    awwwww, that is too cute! Your friends love you so much!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Tea, Guest @ 12:31 pm

    that food spread looks so delish! are those sliders? i love mini burgers.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Peach, Guest @ 12:42 pm

    Miss Apple- aw thanks!

    Tea- they’re actually mini pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches. a yummy southern treat!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    gwacie, Guest @ 1:02 pm

    ooo im having a combo bridal shower and bachelorette party too!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Tristan, Guest @ 1:06 pm

    Looks like so much fun!! Yummy lookin food!!

    Tip on the jello shots…. shallow pan of hot water to “defrost” the jello from around the walls of the plastic works great. Also scrap a butterknife around the walls of the plastic, slap it in your palm and shoot it from your hand.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Tristan, Guest @ 1:06 pm

    for future reference 😉

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Peach, Guest @ 1:13 pm

    gwacie- yeahhh with the girls being all over the place, we had to combine it in one day.

    Tristan- ooo those are great tips! gotta remember the pan of hot water next time. we actually ended up using chopsticks to scrap the walls of the plastic. yeahhh the plastic makes it look pretty, but difficult to get the jello out. =P

  8. mrsbee Bee
    mrsbee 3235 posts, Sugar bee @ 12:20 am

    those mini sandwiches look so good my mouth started watering!

    looks like your gal pals threw you a fantastic bridal shower/bach party!

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Jenny GoLightly, Guest @ 9:10 am

    Can anyone tell me where to find those plastic bodybuilder drink markers?! My signature drink is called “Soylent Green”, a concoction of “50% pineapple, 49% HPNOTQ and 1% people” since “Soylent Green is PEOPLE!”
    I would love to get these as the 1% people!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Peach, Guest @ 11:38 pm

    Jenny GoLightly- my BM said she got them at Target some time ago… not sure if they still sell them. good luck!

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