A Tent Wedding

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know *exactly* what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t totally naive, and I knew that having a “tent wedding” wasn’t going to be a way to save ourselves any money. I knew the rental costs would add up, and that the planning would be a lot more extensive. Even Mr. Tiramisu agreed that with the new plan to basically rent a lawn and build our own wedding, we’d definitely need the help of a wedding planner.

After a week of visiting more traditional wedding venues, however, with their option A, B or C weddings (however cleverly disguised as the “Diamond Bay Option” or “Emerald Coast Plan”), I was anxious to personalize my wedding, and more importantly, pay for only what we really wanted. How hard could it be? You rent a tent, some chairs, tables, choose your own caterer and band, and voila, instant wedding!

I’ll admit I was a little blinded by how much I loved our new location option, and didn’t really let myself get swayed by the difficult task ahead. Did I have any idea how much tables and chairs cost to rent? It certainly makes you appreciate why hotels can get away with charging so much.

One of the most discouraging parts of budgeting has been, by far, the rentals. I remember remarking to Mr. T as we drove away from our venue for the first time that “this way we can decide what we want to spend our money on!” Well I’ll be the first to say that I never really *wanted* to spend $1000 on chairs ($4 basic garden chair x 250 = I could think of way better things to spend $1000 on). Or $1200 on a glorified porta-potty. I spent many nights being annoyed at the prices (and the x 250 totals) and second-guessing our decision to have a tent wedding.

And then, well, I just sort of got over it. The price to rent out our venue was much less than most of the other all-inclusive options we looked at, and I started justifying it by reminding myself how unique it would be to sit out on a lawn facing the ocean. So yeah, justifying purchases is an easy trap to fall into, especially when wedding planning, but in this case, well, I think I am perfectly (sorry) justified 😉

Anyone else want to share their best purchase-justifying tips? I’m sure I’m going to need them in the upcoming months!


Mrs. Tiramisu

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July 2008
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    Cyndi, Guest @ 6:22 am


    Hi Julie!
    I ended up getting my tables/chairs/tent/dance floor as a bundle with my catering. We’re getting married in Peru, Maine this June (two months from tomorrow!!!) and we went with Dad’s Place in Mechanic Falls for catering. Larry, the caterer, knows a tent guy, so we got a relatively good deal (about $2000 for our rentals). We’re gonna have about 170 guests.

    Good luck with all of your details – Greystone looks like a beautiful place for a coastal wedding!

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