All Aboard the Sugar Wagon!

In case you missed it, my current topic of interest is the wonderful world of sweets at weddings, and what the Dalmatians can offer that will be fun, unique, and tasty (while still meeting that pesky criterion of not breaking the bank). While I had begrudgingly let the frozen yogurt bar idea go, I was still hanging on to a desire to incorporate something ice cream related. Then, as luck (or endless internet searching) would have it, I came across something that not only met but exceeded all of my sweet dreams!

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That’s right, an ice cream sandwich cart! As I read through their mouth-watering menu and scrolled through their adorable pictures, I was ready to enthusiastically jump aboard the Sugar Wagon!

They also offer cookies and confections as favors, but since the wheels are already turning on an idea for favors that Mama Dalmatian has (more on that later), we are sticking to just the ice cream sandwich cart. They have recently started catering weddings, which is nice for us because the incredibly friendly girls that run the company are happy to embrace our ideas and customization. Although after seeing their menu, I can not even fathom anything that sounds more delicious!

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Image via

Salted caramel ice cream? YUM! We are going to offer mini ice cream sandwiches so guests who have filled up on cake can still enjoy a few delectable bites of ice cream. We have yet to pick our flavors, but I am seriously excited to attend a tasting meeting in the spring to make this decision.

Now that we have covered why our taste-buds will be satisfied, let me give you little peek at why my eyes will be happy as well (in other words: let’s look at how adorable the wagon is):

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In addition to sassy stripes, sweet pink accents, and a charming retro font, another perk of the actual wagon is that it is little, and does not require power during the event (apparently they will use dry ice to keep the frozen treats frozen on what will hopefully be a warm May night). This means that they can set up right by our dance floor so guests will have easy access to our late night dessert surprise.

Are you a fan of the food truck (and wagon) trend?


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    I am looking into using them for my reception, too! Their cart is adorable!

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