Ankle Biters

We have only one ankle biter in our family — Miss Zoe, who takes the title literally. As a herding dog, she likes to nip our heels to propel us forward on walks.

Actual children? Totally foreign! But many of our friends have little ones now, and (once we finally realized “Oh, yeah … kids … some of these people have … kids?”) we chose to include their children in our day of celebration. I know the “kids or no kids” issue can be controversial, but in the end I’m thrilled the little ones shared our wedding day. They are a cherished part of our friends’ lives, after all. And they were so sweetly excited to celebrate with us.

Plus, adorable photos!!!

(My MOH’s oldest son is the sweetest, happiest little boy in the world. When they left the reception, he told me “I love you” in a tiny voice. And my cold, cold heart grew three sizes that day.)

(His brocade Chinese vest, above, was dwarfed in cuteness only by this awesome overcoat!)

(Younger brother. Still mostly known for his drooling skills at this point….)

(The beautiful daughter of the couple at whose wedding Mr T and I first met. Here, fiercely clutching post-ceremony bubbles.)

(We actually first met this little girl at the wedding. She was a hoot!)


And finally, this boy and his brother went through herculean measures to arrive at the wedding on time. There were major snowstorms in Chicago on our wedding weekend (we thought late March would be safe, grr), which disrupted plane travel throughout the country and sadly prevented several guests from joining us after their flights were canceled. When this family’s flight was canceled, the boys were crushed at the thought of missing the wedding. So the whole family piled into their car and drove all night from Milwaukee to DC, arriving 5 minutes before the ceremony began!!


He filled out one of our guestbook pages for us, and, where it asked, “What is your advice for Mr & Mrs T?”, he shared this nugget of wisdom:

To be married forevermore, think about each other, not anybody who you could of married.

(And to “What should Mr & Mrs T name their next animal or firstborn child?”, he was strongly in favor of “GARY!” — capital letters, exclamation point, and all!)

Will there be children at your wedding? What’s your own favorite memory from attending weddings as a child?


Mrs. Tulip

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March 2016
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