One Ring to Rule Them All

What’s an engagement ring post without a Lord of the Rings reference? Actually, it’s funny I should mention that because apparently when Mr. C first showed his brother-in-law the ring (it was sent to their house for secrecy), he remarked that it looked like the ring the “elf lady” had in Lord of the Rings. This should have been Mr. C’s first indication that he had chosen well.

Anyway, at last I have the big engagement-ring reveal! I will have a separate entry (or two) about the actual proposal, but for now here is the ring:


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It has four smaller accent diamonds around the main diamond followed by two half-moon emeralds. It is considered an Art Deco style and is most likely from the early 1920s. According to the appraiser, as far as they could tell the entire ring is still in its original state (i.e., nothing has been replaced or changed since it was created).

It was purchased from an antique and vintage jewelry store in Largo, Florida, called Gesner Estate Jewelry. Mr. C purchased it from their website and had it privately appraised after it arrived. Of course, this was all in secret. He kept it hidden for weeks before he proposed! But later I found out that he left school early one day to have it secretly appraised. He carted it down the hallway showing it to some of my coworkers who were awesome about keeping it all a secret. It makes me so happy to think of Mr. C showing off this monumental purchase.

I love the delicate open scroll work on the sides. I think my ring really suits my personality. I’m not a flashy person, so something modest is definitely more my style. Something else I love about my ring is the fact that if it has survived 80 years, I’m sure it will last 80 more.


Personal photos

I like the emeralds, but I wish they carried a little more light than they do. They appear pretty dark when the ring is on my finger. Mr. C and I have discussed perhaps replacing them with diamonds or sapphires down the road as an “upgrade,” but I’m not sure I will ever want to change my ring. I love the colored stone accents that were so popular in early 20th century engagement rings, so if ever do decide to make any changes I’d want to stay true to the look of that era.

I remember the first time I saw it when my fiance presented it to me. It was only last March, but it already seems so long ago. We were outside and it was sparkling like crazy in the sunlight. I thought it seemed so perfect and delicate. After spending months and months searching for rings online and never being able to see them in person, you must understand how anxious I was to have this ring finally on my finger.

Interested in owning your own antique or vintage engagement ring? These are a few of my favorite sites:

And just to make a few distinctions while you are looking:

Antique = Around 80–100 years old

Vintage = At least 20 years old

Happy hunting! (It never hurts to look, right? Right??)


Mrs. Camel

Athens, GA
Wedding Date:
May 2013
Harriet the Spy: Wedding Edition
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  1. camel Bee
    camel 703 posts, Busy bee @ 1:17 pm

    Thank you guys for the sweet comments! You know, I’ve gotten some weird looks showing it to people in person. Or I’ve had people look it over and not say a word to me, which is always a little weird. Do they hate it? Do they think it’s too small? But it’s so nice to hear your comments here. I love it, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters, but it’s still nice to hear nice things too! 🙂

  2. Member
    glasgowbound 3721 posts, Sugar bee @ 2:15 pm

    I e got an Art Deco ring too! Good choice!

    I have also gotten a few weird looks, but mostly people just think its really cool because of how unique it is. Welcome to the vintage ring “club”!

  3. Member
    Red Poppy 31 posts, Newbee @ 2:57 pm

    Beautiful ring. I love the emeralds!

  4. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:37 pm

    Ahhh, gorgeous! I love vintage/antique rings. I checked out quite a few Art Deco rings when we were looking. Mine is a more modern spin, but the details are what make the ring unique, and I love how there are so many different aspects to gaze at while you’re daydreaming about weddings, er, to enjoy. 🙂

    Also, we got engaged in March too! I still stare at my ring all the time…

  5. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 6:40 pm

    Beautiful, I just love the emeralds and the filigree on the sides!

  6. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 7:44 pm

    OMG! this is beautiful! the emeralds are amazing and i saw them straight away. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  7. painauchocolat Bee
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:23 pm

    Oh, see I like the emeralds! Don’t swap them out. They’re part of the ring’s charm. 🙂

  8. panda Bee
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:53 am

    omg your ring is shiny. so gorgeous

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    garvani09, Guest @ 12:53 am

    I got a ring from garvani but Choice of emeralds is good. Especially the green color looks excellent. The mixing of color diamond with gold and platinum is awesome

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