As We Walk Down The Aisle Together…

The ceremony is probably one of the most romantic events of the whole wedding day. I don’t want it to pass by too quickly, yet I don’t want it to be too long where guests are bored and drying up from the sun. I’m also super huge on the whole feel of the event, but in the most cost effective way of course. laughin09

A long time ago I found inspiration from SGWeddingBlog’s blog when she posted the photo below from photog, Amy Squires’ blog, and I just thought GENIUS!

I always wanted cluster paper lanterns inside our reception, but since we have super high ceilings and that wasn’t possible, I was psyched that I could incorporate them somewhere else. Thanks SGWeddingBlog!

I ordered 8″ rose pink and brown ones from Paper Lantern Store and plan to alternate the colors on the chairs. All I’m missing on the lanterns are the ribbons and bows. You don’t need much to hold the ribbon together that’s supporting the lantern – I tried staples, not so good. Zots, way betta.



We’ll be exchanging vows underneath a tree, so I asked our florist to hang orchids with mauve ribbon that’ll match our centerpieces and my bouquet like so …


And then there was the big question of petals or bubbles? We decided on rose petals. I scoured the net for petal cone tutorials or templates and I came up with na dah that was easy enough. Then I came up with my own simple template! Genius, I say. Genius!


Here’s the How-to:
In Word, I used the tool to make a circle. I edited it to make sure the measurements were a perfect circle (ie 3×3). Then I created a rectangular box that would fit the width of the circle (ie 3″). The line at the bottom was basically a guideline of where to fold and know where the tip was, but it’s not necessary.


Of course I wanted our theme to be splashed everywhere, so I printed my own background on the other side (outside) of the cone. *Sorry I cannot share the graphic as my graphic artist friend spent a really long time creating it for me and ask I do not share. Anything I created though, I can share!*


I cut them out …


Had my Super Tacky Tape handy and went for it.



Top left to the bottom:
1) Fold the template in half and crease it just about 30% of the way up. We’re using it as a guideline.
2) Wrap the right side over to meet the middle crease.
3) Adhere Super Tacky tape on left side and peel off.
4) Wrap the left side around the right, meeting the creased edge.

You should hole punch before all folding and adhering begins. And then presto! You have finished the petal cone!And voila … these will hang on the seats towards the aisle, alternating colors, just waiting for our family and friends to yes …. CHUCK at us. happy015


I’d probably go for a 3/16″ inch hole punch which you can find at a Paper Source store, because the regular old paper one was too big. We had to tie the ribbon in a loose knot so that it wouldn’t easy fall through.

TIP: I totally forgot to mention, you can always print the design box area on the back side of the template and just stamp away a design for the back side of your petal cone

You likee??? The template includes two pages: 1) with a box you can insert your own design (to help save ink … not like me who wasted on a whole page) and 2) the petal cone template.  You can download it by clicking the link below.

Cherry Blossom Petal Cone Template

Happy cone-ing!


Mrs. Cherry Blossom

San Francisco
Wedding Date:
May 2008
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    Ashley, Guest @ 1:37 pm

    Do the people on the aisle only throw them? And could you make more than one from one sheet of paper? Thanks.

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    I am trying to get the template for your petal cones which are striking. It keeps coming up as error? Can you email it to me at

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