A Foxy Fête: Make ’em Laugh, Make ’em Cry

I don’t think this is really the normal flow of things at most weddings, but we figured that doing toasts right after the first dance was a good route to go. You know, get all of the necessary stuff out of the way before the real party started. Plus, it seemed to help MOH Copper feel better about her stage fright, since I told her no one would be judging her speech too much since they’re all just going to want to get their grub on. Hey, it worked. 😉

So immediately following our first dance, DJ Frank made the announcement for guests to head to the bar and refill their drinks. This prompted a slight, awkward pause throughout the pavilion—guests were indeed going to get their drinks, but no announcement about toasts was actually made, nor was there any background music. It was weird.

Frank picked up on this after a few minutes and decided to just go ahead with the toasts as a few guests were still getting their drinks from the bar—fortunately, no one seemed to mind too much!

First up, we had Best Man Carkey—one of Foxy’s best friends since college. We intentionally picked him to go first, since we were counting on a fair amount of humor and/or roasting. He ended up being the perfect amount of funny and sentimental, if you ask me!

All photos by Exclamation Imagery unless otherwise noted.


Good evening, everybody—my name is Adam and it is my honor to be Scot’s best man on this awesome day for the two of you. I first met Scot at Fredonia where we were on the lacrosse team together. I would like to say that we had lots of the same interests and we were best friends right off the bat, but realistically, I needed a fourth roommate and he needed someone who could buy beer. So that’s how we started to live together, and it was a great three years that we had as roommates, and I learned a lot from him and he learned a lot from me.


One of the things that I thought about the first time you said “will you be the best man” was.. are you sure? Cause I’m gonna roast you. Well I mean, like talk about the time you lit my car on fire. Or the time you filled my car with snow. Or, you know, the time you took every. single. thing. I owned and turned it upside down. Why? Because he was bored.


But the more I started thinking about what I wanted to talk about today, I didn’t think about and I didn’t remember that Scot anymore. Because the Scot that I think about and remember is the one who’s standing with us today and the one who just married this amazing woman. The man who my kids run up to and love like an uncle, the man who tries and steal my dog every time he comes over. The man who we are all tremendously, tremendously proud of, and the first one we’ll call if there’s a zombie apocalypse.

Congratulations, you are a wonderful friend, and I know you guys are going to have the best life together. Could everyone please raise their glasses to Steph and Scot!


Next up was MOH Blondie. We wanted her to go second because I wasn’t sure what to expect—I could totally see her going either super sweet or super sassy. I mean, Blondie was my soul sister all through college and after, and was there in my life when all those important becoming-an-adult things happened. She was also there to see mine and Foxy’s relationship grow over our first year together. She ended up giving one hell of a speech—I had no idea that the girl had such an amazing way with words!


Good evening everyone, I’m Ashley and I’ve known the lovely Stephanie since we were in college together in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is one of the two main settings of the beginning of this love story between Stephanie and Scot—the other setting was Baltimore, where Scot lived. Countless trips were taken between Pennsylvania and Maryland during their first year dating. In that one year, thousands of miles were driven on I-95, never-ending traffic was endured, and a few car issues were encountered. They both traveled, though, just so they could see each other. All that mileage and time was worth it, because someone was eagerly awaiting the other’s arrival with open arms. It is with this dedication and commitment to one another that is a keystone for their relationship.


So Steph and Scot, this is my wish for you: that you never lose sight of one another. That you remember those early trips, and how far you both have come, and how close you are together now. Enjoy the ride—the journey is better and easier with someone you adore riding beside you. Your love and trust has brought you this far—continue, don’t stop, move forward. And should any car malfunctions try to delay the trip, pull over and enjoy the view. Be thankful for all you have, because with one another, you have it all.


(Also, ALL the tears.)



Last but not least, we had MOH Copper. I very much wanted her to go last, because I knew the tears would come out at some point. That is, if her Sweet 16 candle dedication to me was any indication (FYI, it was a sobfest). I mean, can you blame me? She’s my longest friend, someone I shared most of my life with, someone who played a key role in Foxy and I meeting in the first place.

And as for her toast? She nailed it. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more.


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jessica and I am one of Steph’s Maids of Honor. I want to preface my speech by saying that the LAST time I had to give a speech in Steph’s honor was at my Sweet Sixteen—and we both cried throughout the whole thing. So here’s hoping that today goes a little differently.

Steph and I have been friends since the awkward days of seventh grade. Looking back, it is curious that we became as close as we did, because, back then, we were oh so different. I was loud and outspoken while Steph was shy and sweet. I was much more interested in socializing than schoolwork, while Steph was in honors classes and actually doing her homework at home. It wasn’t until we both made the middle school dance team that we realized just how similar we are—and from there, our friendship blossomed. Once we hit high school, we became pretty much inseparable.


Photo by Mrs. Guinea Pig

We bonded over our mutual love for microwaved s’mores, Good Charlotte, and Harry Potter. We worked together and poured our blood, sweat, and tears in choreographing our folk dance for Sportsnite. We worked together at the Gap for two weeks until one of us had minor misunderstanding of the employee discount policy and may have gotten fired. We were runners up to the runners up of Class Duo for our senior yearbook. Even within our group of friends, it was always evident that we had a bond unlike anyone else.


Photo by Mrs. Guinea Pig

(And yes, the crying had already started.)

Steph was really like a sister to me. When I look back on those years, I am filled with the happiest memories because I had her there by my side. It is those years that built the foundation of the friendship that we have today.

And it is because of that strong foundation that I felt I could ask Steph, one fateful day in July of 2007, to make the 120 mile drive from Philly to Long Island to accompany me to my new boyfriend Matt’s birthday celebration. Little did she know, I had an ulterior motive. At the time, Steph wasn’t dating anyone and I knew that Matt had a friend from college that would be perfect for her. Little did you all know, that person I had in mind wasn’t Scot.

(Cue: a crap ton of laughter from everyone.)


Now, to be fair, I had yet to meet the infamous “Scotty McReach,” so how was I to know that they would be the perfect match? Needless to say, the guy that I had in mind for Steph was forgotten basically the second Steph was introduced to Scot. And we all know how the rest of the story goes.

Over the past four years, I have had the joy of watching Steph and Scot’s relationship grow. I have seen them celebrate successes, work through difficult times, move their lives to Maryland and firmly plant roots that will no doubt support a lifetime of love. Through all of the changes, what has remained constant is the love and support for each other.

I have never had a friend touch my life the way that Steph has. All I could ever wish for is her happiness, and Scot, you truly deliver. I have never seen her so comfortable and blissfully content in a relationship, and I thank you for that. It is an absolute honor to stand up here for you on your wedding day. I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love.

Cheers to Steph and Scot!



Needless to say, Foxy and I were both so touched by all three toasts—I still get emotional when I watch the recording we have of them!

Who all will be giving a toast at your wedding? Are you anticipating sappy or sassy?


Miss a recap? Catch yourself up!

It’s Wedding Week! – The week of the wedding started out pretty hectic, but we made it through (relatively) unscathed.

We’re Cool People (who had to deal with a slight change of plans) – On Friday, we made our way to the venue, had a relatable moment on the radio, and learned about some last minute changes that we made an effort to take in stride.

Practice Makes Perfect.. And Crabs Don’t Hurt, Either – After most everyone was settled in on Friday evening, we had our rehearsal followed by the best dinner ever – a Maryland crab feast!

Rise and Shine! – Wedding morning was soon upon us, and I woke up at the crack of dawn ready to get prettified.

Pretty Women – Over the course of the next several hours, myself and the girls hung out, got our hair and makeup done, had a photo shoot, and drank champagne.

Dressing Up – Soon enough, it was time for me to slip into my dress!

Dapper Dudes – At the same time, Foxy and his guys were ironing and getting into their suites – and Foxy was opening his wedding day gift!

The First of Many Looks – We had our first look, and both felt so much better after being able to see each other for the first time that day.

A School Bus Photoshoot – Our vehicle of choice for the day was a school bus, which we turned into a photo op both inside and out!

Smiles and Sun – The photos continued by the lighthouse and pier.. with sunglasses and a few funny stories along the way.

ALL The Family – We then met up with family at the lock house for even more pictures, and I started getting a bit antsy and having problems with my dress.

And Then There’s Us – I kinda-sorta-maybe forgot all about couple and bridal pictures. Thank goodness for our amazing photog reminding us!

Final Touches – Slight chaos then ensued in the minutes before the ceremony started, consisting of me getting sewn into my dress and the boys getting their bouts pinned on at the last minute.

And So It Begins – The guests arrive, the wedding party lines up, and the ceremony space is revealed – complete with programs, white knots, and bubbles!

All I Want Is You, Will You Be My Bride? – The time had finally come – we all made our way down the aisle while my stepdad and stepbro played and sang a beautiful, acoustic version of “All I Want Is You”.

Take Me By The Hand and Stand By My Side – In other words.. the ceremony!

Bubbles and Bustles and Beverages, Oh My! – Bubbles are blown, my bustle is tied in, and cocktail hour commences with lots of love, hugs, and drinks.

The Guestbook – The final version & reveal of our fingerprint guestbook – and some tips, should you want them!

I’d Do Anything For You – The reception kicked off with our oh-so-intricate first dance sway to Wake Up by Coheed and Cambria, which our guests joined in on halfway through.


Mrs. Fox

Washington DC/Havre de Grace, MD
Wedding Date:
June 2012
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