Blogging Has Made Me Obsessed with Tone

One of the most important things we edit in posts and look for in our bloggers, is the Weddingbee tone. Because of my experience with not-so-nice sites when I was planning my own wedding, it has always been my goal to create a friendly, snark-free wedding community. Inflection doesn’t translate over the world wide web like it does in person, so I’m always hyper vigilant when it comes to tone on our sites. Basically whenever a statement is questionable, I ask myself, “Is this annoying in any way?”

With our Bee bloggers, the two biggest areas we try to be careful around are money and weight. For instance, we would never publish the following statements:

  • I can barely purchase anything with this $30,000 flower budget!
  • A size 2 girl says, “I’ve put on 3 pounds and I’m so fat I’ll never fit in my wedding dress!”

Of course these are exaggerated, but we’re careful about these topics because they often elicit emotional responses from readers.

When it comes to our PRO bloggers, we try to avoid the expert tone that you typically see in magazines. While it tends to work well for magazines, blogs are interactive so I like to relate to our audience on a much more personal level. I don’t like talking down to our super savvy readers in any way.

The point of this post is that running Weddingbee has permanently altered the way I perceive tone in everything. For instance…


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