Airplane Emergency: A Second Shower and a Trip to the ER

I apologize for my extended absence, but I promise I have a good excuse. Read on and I will explain”¦


About a day and half after MOH Morticia, BM Rocket, and I returned from my bachelorette weekend in Nashville, I came down with a pretty nasty cold—bad sore throat, body aches”¦it really knocked me off of my feet. I even missed a couple days of work.

Luckily I was feeling a lot better by the weekend, because Sunday was our second bridal shower!

If you’ll remember, our first shower was thrown by FMIL Plane and was primarily for Mr. Plane’s side of the family. The second shower was thrown by MOH Morticia and BM Rocket, and my family and our female friends were all invited. I feel so blessed to have had not one but two showers, and we felt absolutely surrounded by love at both events.

(All photos personal)

The second shower featured a kitchen theme, from the invitations”¦


Included with the invites was a recipe card so each guest could share her favorite recipe!

”¦to the decorations”¦


I loved the vintage kitchen advertisements that served as part of the centerpieces!

”¦to the favors and door prizes.


Morticia and Rocket spent countless hours making 40 aprons for this shower! How amazing are they?!


Top right: kitchen-themed door prizes; bottom right: recipe book!


Auntie M showing off the prize she won for “longest distance traveled”—she came all the way from Florida!

The hostesses had organized a couple games, including bridal Scattergories and an “according to the groom” quiz.



Junior Bridesmaid T thinking hard

Since the quiz was according to Mr. Plane, I had to guess his answers. I definitely did not get them all right! But then again, he didn’t even remember saying that if he could choose one animal, he would choose to be a monkey. That was news to me!


We opened gifts next, and we got some absolutely amazing things.


Mr. Plane was super excited about our cast-iron wok.


One of the most creative gifts was the “Italian care package” from some of my Italian aunts!


MOH Morticia put together a picnic basket of wine for all of our firsts: first vacation, first fight, first baby, etc.


And Cousin L took photographs of the letters that spell our future last name and had them framed!

It was truly a fantastic day. Well, until the end”¦

After the shower, Mr. Plane and I did a little running around and accomplished a few errands. At about 6:00 in the evening, I felt my ear pop, like they do sometimes on an airplane. A few hours later, I began experiencing a sharp pain in the ear that had popped, and a little while after that, the pain became so bad Mr. Plane and I decided he should probably take me to the ER. Four hours later, I was diagnosed with a tube dysfunction, and two days after that was upgraded to an inner ear infection. I ended up missing three and a half more days of work and haven’t had the energy to do anything wedding related.

So that’s the story of our second shower, and the ER visit that followed. Between Mr. AP and me, we have had three ER visits this year alone! I’d really love for that number to stay stagnant, at least until the wedding.

Did you have more than one bridal shower? Anyone else experience an uptick in emergency room visits the year leading up to their wedding? (Hopefully this isn’t a trend I wasn’t aware of.)


Mrs. Airplane

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September 2013
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    liddybet 5 posts, Newbee @ 4:11 am

    beautiful shower!!! you are lucky if you were only out for a few days for an inner ear infection. my fiance had one and he had to wear a motion sickness patch for a few months!! imagine wearing that with your dress 🙂

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