Wolves’ Winter Wedding: Getting Fancy

I was so happy to finally get to the venue. I would have loved to do all of our getting ready there, since they have this beautiful bridal room designed for that exact purpose. But we would have had to pay for more rental time, so I figured just getting zipped up in my dress there would be the most important thing.


Champagne and cheese. Breakfast of brides.

I did the awkward get naked in the bathroom and half put on the dress thing before I had my mom help put me all together.


My mom made her green dress!


I wrote really early on about the quest for this dress, and I was so, so happy with how everything turned out (post coming on ordering a dress from Etsy!). It fit perfectly and was exactly what I pictured my wedding gown to be. Also, you see that I chose a belt! However”¦it wasn’t really a belt. Turns out those suckers are really expensive and I really wasn’t feeling like spending $100+ on it. So, I used a headband! I had this beautiful headband from Anthropologie that I just cut and sewed to a nice long piece of ivory ribbon. It was blingy and sparkly and practically free (in my case, one of my maids actually gifted the headband to me the year prior). For anyone who likes this look but not the price, check out the headbands at Anthro—they usually have a few that would turn into really pretty belts for easily less than $40. The only caveat of course is that it won’t go all the way around your waist, but mine was big enough so it circled the front half of my body, which is what I cared most about.


My dress was really easy to put on—all it was is a few eye hooks and a tie—so most of these pictures are my mom putting on my dad’s ring. I had originally planned to put it inside the bustier or something, hidden away, but we decided to hide it under the back of the dress so it was more visible. You’ll see it a lot in pictures.


Seeing my whole look for the first time!

My maids were already dressed—I absolutely loved how the dresses looked, and the fur shrugs worked SO well. Far exceeded my expectations.


Watching on as I put on my dress


My MOH helping me into those heels. I couldn’t really bend over.

Meanwhile, Wolfman and his groomsmen were getting ready too. A few weeks before the wedding, my photographer emailed me and asked if it was OK if she bring a second shooter. This was something that I would have liked the whole time but it was usually at an additional cost, so I was PUMPED and said of course! This meant that I did get some of the “dudes getting ready” photos that I thought we’d totally forgo. I’m glad because I think these are some of the cutest ones of Wolfman.




All of these are super faked because no one in his wedding party knew how to tie a bow tie. Our coordinator had to do all of them.

Wolfman wore a tux, but just told all his groomsmen to wear black suits, and we gifted them with matching shirts and ties. Wolfman got a little worried about how a non-tux would look with a bow tie, but they all turned out looking really good.


Doesn’t he look sharp?

Knowing Wolfman and his guys were just a few doors away was strangely exciting, and I was more than ready for our first look!

Do you like the “getting dressed” photos? Do you care about where you get dressed?

All photos by Emily Clack Photography


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  1. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 6:59 am

    @GoldStar: @elysion: yep, on etsy! i’ll write more about it but i reallllllly love everything she does!

    @Mrs. Bracelet: @FoolsintheRain: @ladymegbeth: @MissGoldFish: thank you so much!

  2. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 7:01 am

    @vanessa7: believe it or not they’re from target! i doubt they’re still available but i hope they bring them back in the winter – they are really lovely.

    @anemonie: thank you so much! yes…we may have had a glass (or three) during the day!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Myra, Guest @ 3:26 am

    Zumba marietta helped me get fit ready for my wedding day. My gown was stunningly perfect when I wore it, it made me confident walking down the aisle.

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