We Start Today: Getting Pretty

After we had eaten and had a dance party, it was time to get pretty! MOH N’s mom, AKA my second mother, had arrived and was ready to get started on our hair. She was doing my mom’s, MOH N’s, and my hair. The other ladies are all very talented at doing their hair and opted to do their own.


The girls hanging out while MOH N’s mom gets started on her hair

Meanwhile our amazing makeup artist Ana had also arrived and got straight to work on my mom’s airbrush makeup!


My mom’s makeup turned out so amazing!


A shot of my mom’s makeup while getting her hair done

As I waited for my turn in the hair and makeup chair, I kept busy entertaining our youngest ring bearer. My mom kept all our special childhood toys, so as soon as MOH N’s son arrived she brought out a big box of trains for him to play with. We took turns trying to see who could build him the best track.


Every bride plays with trains on their wedding morning, right?


The other ladies kept busy drinking more champagne, napping, or just hanging out.


Finally it was my turn to get my hair done!


After hair I got into the makeup chair for my turn with Ana.

I loved loved LOVED my airbrush makeup. It was so light. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, a good feeling for someone like me who rarely ever wears makeup. Ana did such a great job of making it look classy and natural. Just the way I wanted it!


A shot with the girls after completed hair and makeup!


With all our hair and makeup done, it was time to head over to the venue!


Miss a recap? Check it out below!

We start at the end with a surprise wedding video!

We rehearse

Our rehearsal luncheon

We start the day with singing, dancing, and an earthquake


Mrs. Castle

NYC/Southern California
Wedding Date:
April 2012
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    So beautiful! It turned out great!

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