Hoppily Ever After: Dressing Up (Va-Va-Voom!)

Liz, I love you and good morning…”


…And so began Mr. W’s note that he sent up with Bridesmaid K, along with a pretty little teal box wrapped up in white ribbon. Swoon.

(I am absolutely mad for any movie starring Audrey Hepburn, but especially Breakfast at Tiffany’s…When Mr. W and I were in New York, right before he engaged me, we had breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well, I did, and Mr. W went along with it. What a man.)

Everyone made me read the note aloud, and soon we all let out the first round of tears of the day.


I wiped away my tears and opened the tiny box. Mr. W had gifted me a dainty little bracelet from Tiffany designed by Paloma Picasso. The bracelet spells out “Love” in her beautiful swirly handwriting.


My sweet little gift from Mr. W / Photo via Tiffany & Co.


 I am completely helpless when it comes to putting bracelets on myself, so Mama Wallaby stepped in and lent a hand.


Little C, Mr. W’s niece and our totally adorbs flower girl, ran upstairs to say hi. I gave her a big hug and promised to show her my princess dress soon. (She’s in that four-year-old princess phase, and she was very excited to see me dressed up like her Disney icons. Awww.)


Mama Wallaby and the bridesmaids changed into their dresses, and suddenly everyone was haranguing me about putting my own dress on. (Dammit, I was enjoying just chillin’ in my comfy robe and sipping mimosas.) And so, with the help of my beloved ladies, I climbed into the charmeuse slip, and then the lace overlay. We have, like, 100 photos of this happening, so I’ll do my best to summarize.





My dress had buttons down the back (va-va-voom!) and so it took four grown women to get me all buttoned up and ready for show time. I just grinned helplessly.



And then Orlando and his crew arrived, so our full-fledged wedding paparazzi was on the job. I am the world’s worst actress, so I got a little nervous once the video cameras were pointed at me.


With my pretty white dress on, hair and make-up did, and veil secured, it was time to accessorize. Between my finger bling, my sparkly hair comb, and the very busy details on my dress, I chose to keep it simple with just a pair of art deco-inspired earrings. But I couldn’t get the price tag sticker off for the life of me. $&*#@.


Before too many expletives were uttered, Mama Wallaby gracefully stepped in and worked her mama magic. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone else put my earrings on, but it was kinda nice to not lift a finger. I think I could get used to this 😉 .


To complete the transformation into Mature Soon-To-Be-Married Woman, I needed a spritz of sophisticated eau de parfum. I had wavered between several different perfumes, but the weekend before the wedding, I made a solo trip to Sephora and finally decided on Miss Dior Cherie.



I pulled my garter up my leg…


 And I slipped on my lovelies…


…and I was ready to go meet my groom. Enough about me – let’s see what kind of trouble Mr. W was stirring up downstairs!
*All photos by the fabulous, top-drawer Mustard Seed Photography, except where noted.


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Mrs. Wallaby

Wedding Date:
November 2012
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Looking Forward to 2013
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  1. Member
    mzjynxie 786 posts, Busy bee @ 2:19 pm

    I love your mother’s dress…so gorgeous

  2. Member
    Schneewittli 56 posts, Worker bee @ 9:16 am

    I’m already so much in love with your wedding!! Can’t wait for the rest of the recaps. And you look sooo beautiful, I love your dress and your style.

  3. Member
    notbridey 753 posts, Busy bee @ 4:46 pm

    I gotta agree your mom’s dress is stunning! Designer? Style?

    also who did your dress? It’s AMAZING! It fits you perfectly! wowzer bowzer Mr. W is one lucky dude! 🙂

  4. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 7:14 pm

    @notbridey: Aw I’m sure my mom would be so happy to hear that!! I just checked – it’s Kay Unger New York. She bought it at Nordstrom about 6 months ago. If your mom is interested and can’t find the dress anymore, PM me – my mom’s dress is a size 10 and I’d guess that she might be okay with parting with it 🙂
    My dress was Allure 8800. I tried on about 90% Allure dresses – I love them all!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    diana, Guest @ 1:13 pm

    love your dress! i have a similar dress (v neck front/low back) and was wondering what you did for a bra solution (if you dont mind sharing). i’m leaning towards a ‘braza bra’ since it was recommended to me by the lady at the fancy bra store. the stick ons are just sort of intimidating!

  6. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:16 pm

    Thanks! 🙂 I had cups sewn into my dress. I don’t have a huge chest – I’m a 32B/C – so I got plenty of support from the cups. And honestly, I was way more comfortable than I would’ve been with any strapless/alternative bra situation…I hate the feeling of underwiring in strapless bras, and I didn’t want to worry about having to pull anything up while we were dancing.

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    diana, Guest @ 1:20 pm

    @Mrs. Wallaby: @Mrs. Wallaby:

    thank you! i have my first fitting this weekend so i’ll talk to the tailor.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Rebecca, Guest @ 7:24 pm

    Did you have the cafe color slip or ivory? I’m getting the same dress love it! 🙂

  9. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:53 am

    @Rebecca: I ordered the cafe-colored slip. It’s such a pretty dress, you’ll look amazing!!

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