How Wonderful Life Is: It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

The end of our reception was kind of an emotional roller coaster, so buckle in, hive. A little while after our little Cee Lo induced dance-fest, I looked around the reception room and realized that it was really just immediate family left. Our photographers approached us and I knew what was coming: they were leaving too. It wasn’t even 9:00 PM yet—the sun was just setting!—and our reception was basically over.

So there I was, watching the sun set on my wedding day while parents, aunts and uncles, and, of all people, my groom, tore down the day that was 12 months in the making. The music was turned off. The tablecloths were rolled up off the tables. The candles were blown out. The icicle lights were unplugged and taken down. The cake was boxed up. All of the details I had planned to perfection were gone in an instant, and we were alone in an echo-y, generic banquet room. I sunk into a chair at a table with MOH Lefty and Wizard Aunt and she asked me, “Are you sad?”

I tried to shrug it off but I could feel the dam breaking. “Yeah”¦a little”¦” That was all it took to bring on the deluge. I collapsed into Lefty’s shoulder and sobbed. It sounds so shallow and superficial and priorities-in-the-wrong-place, but let’s be real: It’s a little bit upsetting for a bride to see her wedding day disassembled around her earlier than planned. Especially because at that moment I was feeling embarrassed, wondering what I did so wrong as a host that caused the mass exeunt practically the moment guests had finished their cupcakes.

After a few good sobs I felt silly and pulled myself together, and we noticed there were fireworks going on outside that we could see over the fields at the back of the winery. The few of us who were left stood on the deck and watched the show. Before long, however, there was no denying it—our wedding day was over, and it was time to leave.

We hadn’t planned any grand send-off or sparkler exit or anything (and at that point I was glad we hadn’t, because no one was left to participate), so Mr. Wiz and I just grabbed our bags and a few odds and ends, hugged some people goodbye, and left the room hand in hand. When we got to the car—the very first moment we had truly had alone that whole day—I completely decompressed all of the emotions I’d been feeling that day (because Mr. Wiz is someone I can cry in front of, obvs). I cried most of the way to the hotel. I know you’re probably thinking I sound like a brat right now, but it wasn’t a “wah wah, no one danced at my wedding, wah wah” kind of cry. It was just too many feelings built up over the course of the day: the nerves, the stress over the weather, the extreme, soul-bursting happiness, and then the bittersweetness that it was all over. The only way it could come out was in tears. I wasn’t even really sad this time. I was just crying.

When we walked into our hotel lobby there were a few younger girls sitting at a table there. One of them caught sight of me and exclaimed loudly, “Is that a BRIDE?!” It made me laugh—a bride in the wild! We’ve spotted one!

We hastily snapped one final picture on my iPhone”¦

And with that, our wedding day was officially over.

I promised you when I started my recaps that I’d be trying to keep things real, and that’s why I wrote this post. Wedding days aren’t always completely filled with unabashed happiness. Sometimes they have crappy endings. Sometimes your guests don’t do what you expect them to do, and your plans crumble. Sometimes you cry unhappy tears. Heck, sometimes you cry and you don’t even know why you’re crying. And it’s OK. Our wedding day is still one of the best days of my life, still the happiest memories I have thus far in life, even though it ended on such a downer.

Tell me, hive: Did anyone else’s wedding day end on a less-than-happy note?

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Miss something? Follow along here!

First, I kick things off with our wedding video.
I go stir-crazy, and almost choke to death, the week before our wedding.
We had a pretty bad venue setup/rehearsal day.
I’m the bride with the weak stomach.
The crew arrives, and the ladies get pretty.
Hairstylist B accidentally shares a little secret!
Bride and groom exchange cards and a surprise gift.
Tying bow ties is a comedy of errors.
Finally, I become a bride!
All the little details.
A special lady gets a special gift.
Here comes the sun, and the bride (AKA our first look).
We took some family photos.
We processed, and got married!
An unexpected guest showed up and made themselves at home”¦right on Mr. Wiz’s head.
After the ceremony, we greeted our guests, and then headed outside for some bride and groom photo time (which was not without some shenanigans!).
The moment of truth: would our guests have water?
We ate, took photos with our guests, cut our cake, and shared our first dance as husband and wife.
The dance floor was empty, so we headed outside for a sunset photo session, and managed to fill up the dance floor for one completely random song.

*All photos personal


Mrs. Wizard

Wedding Date:
June 2012
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    cosmo_gmr 488 posts, Helper bee @ 4:38 pm

    I know how you feel! Not being a Bride anymore, no more planning… since it takes such a big part of your life for so many months, years even, it’s hard when it’s over.

    I don’t knwo if you’re a Friends fan, but when Monica and Chandler got married she said something about being “just someone’s wife” LOL.

    About the dancing at your wedding, I had a similar situation… My guests did dance a lot but I was expecting a little more crazy fun and pics… oh well. The worst part about my guests was that a lot of them didn’t show up! 🙁 I had limited budget and decided on inviting some people over other and they didn’t go! That still hurts a bit sometimes.

    Anyway, they are not the important thing at the end of the day 🙂

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