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This was not an easy task. I’m sure many of you have had trouble with this wedding item as well. I have only three bridesmaids — they are my best friends from three different parts of my life. One from childhood (since we were in kindergarten), one from college and the third from my “post college” life in NYC. They are all very important to me so I wanted their gift to be thoughtful and lovely.

At first I wanted to get them each something different — one “big” gift, but quickly realized that I’d break the bank. What was I going to do? For BM #1 I was going to get new running sneakers as she’s a marathon runner. For BM# 2 a white water rafting certificate as she’s adventurous. For BM #3, a certificate for a baking class in NYC for the two of us so we could do it together.

So then I had to reconsider. I decided $100 each was what was realistic for our budget, so with that I went to work and here’s what I came up with.

1. Body Shop goodie — mini body butter with matching flavor/scent body scrub. Took advantage of a sale – 2 for $10, so I couldn’t pass it up and snapped them up when I saw them.

Grapefruit, Brazil Nut and Passion Fruit:


2. Personalized Note Cards:

I found the above personalized note cards from City Writes  but couldn’t spend $52 for 25 cards, so I bought extra card stock from Creative Montage. I had them cut in quarters making 4.25″ by 5.5″ note cards by AlphaGraphics on 5th Avenue and 28th Street. Then I rounded the corners with my trusty corner rounder (see below) and had Michele Clark, our wonderful calligrapher, calligraph their full names on the cards. Each girl has their own custom font and color.

The cards ended up being about $11.25 per girl. (Breakdown: $3 for 25 cards + $4.50 for 25 envelopes + $3.75 calligraphy ($.15 per card) = $11.25 per bridesmaid! Great budget gift and so lovely. Here are details on what I used and where I got it from.

Finished Cards — calligraphy by Michele Clark:

Envelopes from Kate’s Paperie SOHO store closing sale:

Corner Rounder from Impress Rubber Stamps:

For an added touch I finished them off with this great corner rounding punch from Impress Rubber Stamps that I got on sale for $7.20.

The punch even arrived with a hand made and signed thank you note from the owner! Nice touch.

3. Sweet little custom make-up cases from 1154 Lill Studio:


These are the “Sam” for $32 each. 1154 Lill Studio offers a large range of custom items — clutches, purses, make-up cases etc. You get to choose from a range of fabric choices to fit your girls. They also have wedding party discounts.

4. Pearl earrings from Dasha Boutique:

I got these on sale for $45 (regular price $60). They are lovely and came nicely packaged in a jewelry box and sheer bag. Dasha Boutique will “customize” your choices — select color of pearl, gold or silver, earring backing, length etc. They also offer discounts for wedding parties. Check out their many options at


1. Body Shop Goodies = $10
2. Personalized note cards = $11.25
3. Make-up case = $32
4. Pearl Earrings = $45

Grant total: = $98.25

Happy Bridesmaids…priceless!


Mrs. Onion

NYC/Burlington, VT
Wedding Date:
September 2007
Non-Traditional Ceremony Music
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Onion, Guest @ 2:46 pm

    Dee — reef flipflops for $15 each huh? Great idea! Do you know if the sale is still going on? But wait — then I’d blow my $100 budget. Bad Miss Onion!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    jewell, Guest @ 2:49 pm

    how cool we all got the same deal! I was so excited when i found those my fiance’ was with me he was SHOCKED and was ready to buy them all! hehe 🙂

    I love the rhinstone idea… I’ll have to check that out… the monogram place is only open til 5 so its hard to get there after work, and they arent open on the weekend!

    I also thought aobut having her monogram some materal for me to form a “tag” that i could sew in the bag to personalize it more like putting our name and wedding date inside, something like that…

    I have bags of Bath and body 5 of everything …I’m ready to stuff the bags and give them away

    When is everyone else giving the girls their gifts??

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Dee, Guest @ 3:16 pm

    Hey, I got the reefs online at
    Free shipping over $50
    Save 10% on all orders over $100 with coupon code SKOOLD.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Dee, Guest @ 3:17 pm

    Miss Onion! I just got this email:

    Old Navy’s having a summer clearance sale. Free shipping with SHIPPLUS2U promotion code.

    Tip#1 Great deal: Women’s flip flops in a variety of colors for $1.99.

    That still keeps you under $100 per girl!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    jewell, Guest @ 3:41 pm

    Thanks Dee!!

    All my girls know well everyone knows that flip flops are my weakness! I got all the girls a pair of flip flops in their favorite colors! I’m sure they will love it… it goes well with their bath and body bag too!

    The shipping code works btw 🙂
    Yeah for Free Shipping!!

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  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Monster Sam, Guest @ 1:47 am

    If you have a question or comment, Please contact us and we get back to you as fast as possible, usually the same day.

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  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Kim, Guest @ 2:46 pm

    Great ideas! I especially love the make up bags. I have a spa theme going and they will go perfectly. I have this spa that I absolutely love in Tulsa called Spa Lux. They give the absolute best facials and a makeup bag would go with that perfectly.

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