Will You Be My Maid?

Finally, my very first (completed) DIY project…

It took almost five months to complete! To be fair, I did it in three parts, and I had to wait for all my bridesmaids to receive them before I could blog about them here. Without further ado, here they are—my bridesmaids’ invites.



* 6 pink tank tops with lace detail from Forever 21 – $6.50 each

* 1 white tank top for ME!

* Fabric puff paint – light pink, medium pink, and silver – free (a gift from my MOH)

* Templates (printed on my computer in two different fonts to see which one looked best)

Then we (my MOH) slid the template under the shirt and traced the text with the puff paint. Make sure you have good light!

We actually did a bunch of test runs and discovered that she was much more consistent than I was, so “we” decided it would be best for her to do them. 😀 There was actually a psuedo-bridezilla moment involved, but it all worked out.

We just put them in the window to dry. It takes about four hours for puff paint to dry completely.

This is the bride one…light pink on white.

We did my MOH’s in silver on pink. We were going to write “Maid of Honor” but decided that would be way too difficult. At that point “we” had already done six, so “we” were also pretty burnt out.

Part II:

These are the flowers I posted about a while back…which I attached to the tanks!

This one is mine! The paint leaked onto the shirt a little, and I am not quite sure why. It didn’t do it on any of the other shirts.

This is my fabulous maid of honor’s!

Here are the bridesmaids’! I put the flowers in different places so that each one is a little unique.


I printed these “will you be my bridesmaid” templates from Wedding Chicks on card stock and cut them into little luggage tags.

Then I just wrapped and tagged each one! (I have to find better ribbon, but you get the idea!)


It just took four-and-a-half months…on to my next project!


Mrs. Pancakes

New York/Costa Rica
Wedding Date:
May 2011
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  1. Member
    Lexsy 537 posts, Busy bee @ 5:38 pm

    What a wonderful way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid! Congrats, they must have loved them!!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
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  3. Member
    MissMargie 769 posts, Busy bee @ 9:47 pm

    These are super cute!

  4. locket Bee
    locket 2821 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:30 am

    so cute!

  5. Member
    Ms Peony 4 posts, Wannabee @ 12:45 am

    SO PRETTY! I love it!

  6. Member
    longtime_no_Si 90 posts, Worker bee @ 9:00 am

    I am cracking up at you! lol “we” decided that “we” would finish them all. lol

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