Two Wheels Become One: Hamming it Up

***Side note: Attention Wisconsin brides! I’m organizing a Milwaukee meetup! See the local board for more info.***

We built some time into the schedule to do bridesmaid pictures before the ceremony. And since I felt like kind of a douche posing by myself in the hotel room, the ladies joined me and we all douched it up together (that sentence sounds truly terrifying in retrospect…yet I’m not editing it…).


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

More fake laughing. I don’t laugh that heartily IRL.


Personal pic


Personal pic

When all the gratuitous photos were taken and our bags were packed up, we headed outside to take more pics in the hotel parking lot. That sounds like the opposite of a photo op, but my photographer was basically a genius at making it look cool.

6-23-12010Photo by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

I couldn’t be more excited to be in an elevator. My MOH, on the other hand, is not impressed.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

I sassed it up in what looks like a garden, but I promise you it was an asphalt wasteland.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

The photographer put the girls on the spot to do something “silly,” and I loved seeing how awkward they all got. I’m pretty sure my SIL (the 2nd one) did a booyah dance.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

They pretended to be decent human beings too.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

And we posed together. As you can see, I alternate between showing teef and not showing teef.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

Seriously how did she make these flowers look so real?? (Also do you spot my bee charms?)


Photo by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

I’m contemplating my new life with my ball n’ chain.


Photos by Jennifer Shaffer Photography

These photos were a blatant ripoff of the sunglasses photos I included in my must-have photos post. I have to say, they came out even better than I expected. The pink sunglasses look so friggin badass, I can’t even stand it. And, spoiler alert, later on the guys got jealous that they didn’t have matching sunglasses. Girls rule, boys drool basically.

What bridesmaid photos were on your must-have list? On a scale of one to ten, how badass are we with our matching sunglasses?


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  1. panda Bee
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:09 am

    I love the matching sunglasses, and I still can’t get over how real your flowers are. Love it!

  2. Member
    ChicagoDreamer 509 posts, Busy bee @ 11:02 am

    The single shots of you and you and your girls in the sunglasses are seriously stellar. I love the bold pink pop!

  3. Member
    cicijapan 263 posts, Helper bee @ 4:28 pm

    I love all the yellow!!

  4. Member
    jacofblues 1468 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:21 pm

    oh my! These photos a simply amazing! All you girls look 100% amazingly gorgeous!

  5. Member
    mariewest 304 posts, Helper bee @ 8:57 pm

    I’m impressed that these photos were in a parking lot, nicely done. Also love the sunglasses. (just pinned this idea)

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