Introducing Miss Jackrabbit!

TGIF hive! I’m thrilled to welcome our latest bee coming to us from across the pond. Join me in giving a warm welcome to Miss Jackrabbit!


Miss Jackrabbit, Brighton, UK
Age & Occupation:
26, Office Manager
Fiance’s Age & Occupation: 25, Songwriter
Engagement Date: 5th October 2012
Wedding Date: September 2013
Venue: Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
About Me: I honestly thought I’d go all Monica Geller when I started planning our wedding, but in truth, things couldn’t have gone much differently. I am working my way through this venture, figuring things out as I go, and adopting a ‘Que Sera, Sera,’ approach to making decisions. When I’m not organising the biggest day of my life, I can usually be found drinking a glass of wine, crafting up one thing or another, or stopping my cat from head-butting me in the face.


Mrs. Penguin

Northern California
Wedding Date:
June 2008
Hair Problems
Gifts for the Pack
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    Welcome Miss Jackrabbit!!

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