Videography: Our Take on It

OK. Truth time. Back when we started planning, we were VERY unpleasantly surprised by photography costs. So, I thought I was being clever when I took all the money from the videography line of the budget and simply switched it over to photography. Voila! Easy-peasy! I discussed it with Mr. Waterfall and he was on board. We figured it’s not like we’re gonna make people sit down and hold them captive for an hour and MAKE them watch our wedding video when they come over…it’s like home video etiquette—you just don’t do that. Pictures, on the other hand, are much less non-committal. You simply leave your album on the coffee table and guests are free to bask in your bridal beauty browse the photos at their own leisure and pace.

Plus, I’m a huge self-proclaimed cinephile. I mean, I live for the Oscars. Needless to say, my cinematography expectations were ever so slightly on the unachievable side of things. And since Stephen Spielberg and James Cameron don’t moonlight by doing wedding videos on the side, we thought it was better to do without video than pay for a super cheesy ’80s-style video montage with our now nonexistent video budget. Done. Case closed. Right?

Wrong. As the months went by, I started mulling over the concept, and I had doubts. I love photos like nobody’s business, but photos don’t talk. Photos can’t catch the moment when you mouth “I love you” to your fiancé at the altar. Photos don’t capture your two-year-old ring bearer waddling down the aisle. I completely love and trust our photographers, and I know they’re gonna deliver some stunning stills, but there are just some things that you can’t capture in a photo like you would on film.

I came across Mrs. Giraffe‘s post about why you need a videographer and just knew that we had to have one. I sent the post to Mr. Waterfall, but he still needed some convincing. On the one hand, we had already spent both our photography and videography budgets on photography alone. On the other hand, we agreed that there were certain highlights that we would absolutely want to capture on film, like our vows. But on the other hand, we certainly couldn’t afford what some companies were quoting us. So since we were running out of hands, there was only one way to solve this conundrum: “Mr. Waterfall, get me my legal pad—it’s pros and cons time!”

And kids, we really cheered! (any excuse to use my legal pads, really)

After much consideration, we decided that, although a wedding video wasn’t essential, we really wanted to try and at least have somebody film the ceremony. Something that really struck a chord in Mrs. Giraffe’s post was the way she talked about her grandfather. I’ve already lost two of my grandparents and I miss them every single day, and Mr. W recently lost his grandfather. So we know just how important it is to capture not only our living grandparents, but also our parents and other family members to have something to remember them by after they’re gone.

In the end, we set aside a relatively small amount for videography and were very strict in sticking to it. One of the ways we compromised budget-wise was by agreeing to pay for less coverage as a way to cut down costs.

Are you having a videographer? Why or why not?


Mrs. Waterfall

Wedding Date:
June 2013
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  1. Member
    jmarvellous 550 posts, Busy bee @ 8:59 am

    I have no regrets about not having a video, for what it’s worth. My husband was incredulous enough about the need for photos, and I couldn’t see ever watching a wedding video. 🙂

  2. Member
    monh13 154 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:08 am

    A videographer is DEFINITELY worth it!!! It was something that originally wasn’t in our budget at all and about 2 months out, I told him that I really wanted one, citing pretty much the same reasons as Mrs. Giraffe. I ended up finding our videographer on Craigslist and he did an amazing job. He was just getting into wedding videos and was going to use ours for his portfolio, so he wanted to make a great video not only for himself, but for us too! We’ve already received our highlights video and here’s our First Look: His price was originally $700-800, but I talked him down to $500. Try and find someone who is building their portfolio!!!

  3. Member
    anemonie 1578 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:24 pm

    The bit about not only remembering you and your husband on film, but also the joy of your other loved ones, is very true. My mother very recently passed away, and I love that I have my brother walking her into the ceremony, her smiling face during the vows, her and my dad dancing during our anniversary dance (they were married the longest!), and other precious moments on film. Our video isn’t cinema quality (we had a friendor), but I love being able to relive those moments.

    One thought: if you have a friend do it, make sure they have a camera with a good microphone and a tripod, or even a way to hook into the sound if you’re using a clip-on mike for the officiant. You may also want to make sure s/he can turn the camera on the tripod to capture you and bridesmaids as they enter.

  4. Member
    celticbeachbride 778 posts, Busy bee @ 11:01 pm

    We set aside a larger budget for video than for photos. Next to the venue, it was my TOP priority. I want to see the things I miss on the day (like the processional) and be able to revisit our vows and our friends’ speeches.

    Frankly, we got an AMAZING videography team and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  5. Member
    sharonmariep 382 posts, Helper bee @ 11:22 am

    we had a friend do ours and im very happy with it,it cost nothing.we could not afford to hire someone and having a friend do it is just as special and just as beautiful as if i paid a thousand or more

  6. Member
    sharonmariep 382 posts, Helper bee @ 11:23 am

    i also got a few hours worth and i can edit it anyway i want and make as many videos as i want to,i even think i can get pictures from it somehow,i just have to learn how 🙂

  7. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:32 pm

    @TexasAggieMom: That sounds like a good price actually!
    @Adventurer: We negociated something similar in terms of being able to upgrade.
    @BeeRod527: I hope you’re able to fit it in your budget!
    @deneemotion: Maybe so, but most people don’t have 5k to spend on videography…
    @Lisa: I definitely wanted at least the ceremony! Glad you liked your footage 🙂
    @jennyinstereo: I’m going with cinemomento and negociated a custom package. We got one cameraman for 8 hours; a 3-5 minute trailer and all the raw footage. If we want to upgrade to a full length 20 min video, it will be an extra 900$ but we have a year to decide.
    @arig101613: Amazing!
    @Tarheelgurl: Sounds good 🙂
    @Mrs. Blue Whale: Agree! I can’t wait for our video!
    @JJBelle: We didn’t go with the flip cams ’cause we didn’t really trust our friend’s skillz, and we wanted them to enjoy the ceremony instead of worrying about filming. But that’s a great price!
    @This Time Round: Funny how that worked out! I can’t wait to see ours.
    @luluvohn: Agreed! Everyone loves a short wedding trailer 🙂
    @Shortbread: I hope Mr. W loves it as much as your husband did, and I agree, I think we made the right decision for us.
    @lovelyduckie: @Blonde17Jess: You should definitely have at least a friend film it with a flip cam. The day after our wedding, I saw the video of my father-daughter dance that someone had captured on their iphone and it was so amazing to see it since we didn’t get to when we were in the middle of experiencing it!
    @anjanette.thomas1: Great price!

  8. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:36 pm

    @jmarvellous: wow, I couldn’t imagine now not having a video! It’s good that you’re happy with your decision though 🙂
    @monh13: Sounds like a great find! I scoured craigslist for hours trying to find something similar when I was looking.
    @anemonie: So sorry for your loss, but I totally agree, it’s nice to be able to watch them at such a happy occasion.
    @CelticBeachBride: Cool! It’s not often that you see video being placed higher than photos on the priority list 😛
    @sharonmariep: You should always accept the kindness of your friends while planning a wedding! I just don’t have any super video savvy friends.

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