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I know I’m not the first bee to tackle this subject, and I’m probably not the most eloquent either! Mrs. Mink and Miss Otter covered the subject well and gave arguments for having an unplugged wedding, of which there are many. Both Mrs. Mink and Miss Otter shared this photo, which shows the biggest downside of allowing guests to use their phones at will.


Image via Offbeat Bride / Photo by Solare Photography

I think all of us would say we would rather have guests watching us in person than staring at us through a tiny screen, right? So why not post a sign like this and ask guests to stay unplugged for the duration of the wedding?


Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

A couple of reasons. In fact, I’ll number them for you. Here’s my personal justification for having a plugged-in wedding—which to me means not just allowing devices, but actually encouraging them. I’ll get to that in another post!

Note: If we were getting married in a cathedral, this post would probably be different. If we were having a formal wedding, again—this post would probably be different. Everybody’s situation is…different. You get it.

1. It’s hard to control. I don’t want to be the “cell phone police,” asking people to turn off their phones or put them away because this is my moment. No, I don’t think all unplugged weddings are like that! But I don’t want to feel like I’m back in high school with the teacher taking away someone’s phone for texting in class.

2. I love to use my phone at weddings. I snapped this picture at my cousin’s wedding over Christmas. Awful picture? Yep! Great reminder of a moment I wouldn’t have otherwise? Also a resounding yes. The photographer at the wedding mainly took group shots, pictures I’ll probably never see. If I hadn’t taken this picture (and some others) on my iPhone, I wouldn’t have any memories of hanging out with my crazy family.


Personal photo

3. I really, really want those pictures. Not the perfectly posed and framed pictures with the guys looking dapper and handsome—OK, I mean I do want those!


Image via Niki Marie Photography

I mean the casual, “just happened to snap a photo as you guys were laughing” pictures. The ones the photographers can’t always get because, well, they can’t be everywhere at once. If you catch my dad crying as he walks back to his seat, take a picture. I want the pictures of groups of people at tables that I only got to visit with once or twice and the kids playing with their food. Heck, take a picture of your kid screaming because he can’t have more cake!

I can’t wait to see them.

Anyone else doing a plugged-in wedding? Thoughts on unplugged versus plugged-in weddings?


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  1. mslemur Bee
    mslemur 616 posts, Busy bee @ 12:37 pm

    @CPearson1016: I totally understand wanting an unplugged ceremony! I think your approach is great… people will definitely respect that although I know there will be a few who don’t catch on, but like you say that’s ok. Overall I’m sure it will be intimate and personal!

    @Zoe: I went with an app as well! I wrote a post yesterday on the app we decided to go with — Wedding Party. I’m excited to see how it works!

    @Hope: It’s definitely about what you think is right for you! If you’re interested in reading more about apps, I wrote a post about the app we’re using. We’re using it for the ceremony and the reception but you could definitely just use it for the reception and get the privacy and respect during the ceremony.

  2. Member
    aves3888 28 posts, Newbee @ 1:22 pm

    I also have created a hash tag for my wedding (wayyy in advance). Have already done some testing with it in which each time someone tags us I get an email and it rolls out onto our wedding website! That way guests can go back to the site and look through all the wonderful memories! So excited to see this (hopefully) work!

    In terms of unplugging my ceremony – I think that I will be super busy with the emotions of getting married to notice if people are taking pictures… 🙂

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Jason Geary, Guest @ 11:28 am

    This is why I developed my software is for this exact reason. I know you pros are going to love it because it gives everyone an opportunity to share IMMEDIATELY from the nice Digital SLR camera with the professional photogs logo in the bottom left or right side and also sends your digital biz card along with it. Finally a way to share certain photos right away and a way for you to relax as the wedding goers become your social media marketers. Did I say it was instant? Yes instant.

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