Hello hive! I apologize for my recent silence – it’s not that I’ve ceased to exist, but well, my wedding is in NINE DAYS and I am fah-REAKING out. I’m sure everyone experiences the irony where work is slow for 8 months and then BAM it picks up like CRAZY the two weeks before the wedding? Well, I’m in the midst of it now, but I’m blowing off that craziness next week to get ready for the wedding, so hopefully that means I’ll have more time to post.

I just had to throw in this brief post right now because something big has occured, and I couldn’t think of a better place to vent. What could be so big?? Well, the ten day forecast is now out to include May 31st:


All in all, it doesn’t look awful, right? But can somebody please get rid of that icky little 10% down there? Maybe we could trade Thursday and Saturday? I know, deep down, that weather is chaotic, so why is this making the knot in my stomach tighten?

Does anyone else check the weather neurotically? How many of you had accurate 10-day forecasts??


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    babagrlshell 426 posts, Helper bee @ 1:56 am

    I’m usually a bit optimistic when I give advice, but today I’m just going to give a fat dose of reality.
    I totally avoided the forecast the week prior to the wedding when mine said on the 10 day that it was a 40% chance of rain… I just kept saying, it DOES not RAIN in FLORIDA in APRIL!!!! Only March and May! Well dear MOH/ older sister and now hubby kept track. My refusal to look for a backup plan created the confusion on the wedding day with the rental company refusing to set up the chairs for the beach wedding, and then hiding the PA system (still don’t know wtf was up with that) under a table in the reception hall.
    Needless to say, people were waiting on me running 45 minutes late because I did not factor in time for hair malfunctions due to the fact I refused to admit there would be rain.
    Just make a backup plan- just in case.

    And FYI, although I was sooo against everyone standing around us for the wedding in a gazebo (still don’t know how 70 people fit under there!), it was actually very lovely and quite romantic.

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    Christine, Guest @ 2:22 am

    As a wedding photographer, I check it neurotically all the time – before e-sessions, before weddings, everything. I’m in Houston though – where it will be 82 degrees at 9am tomorrow morning, and the humidity is so high the “feels like” temperature is 89! It is going to be a muggy, muggy day!

    10% is small, and it is 5 days out – don’t stress over it too much! No matter what the weather does, your day is going to be fantastic!

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    Kristina, Guest @ 9:32 pm

    I hope you have a gorgeous day – rain or not. And if it helps – just remember that a lot of photographers think pictures look so much better when it’s cloudy. Take the time now to get an adorable umbrella and try not to worry!

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