Apple-y Ever After: We Walk

After we finally got the church unlocked, the groomsmen helped escort people in. We chose Gabriel’s Oboe-Morricone as our prelude song, and after everyone else was seated, Mr. CA escorted my step-mom into the church. It was time for the processional!


We chose “Simple Gifts” as the Processional song. Sigh. Every time I listen to this song it gives me happy tears. Please feel free to listen along!


First came Fr. John. For some reason, all I can see when I look at this picture is my friend Todd’s face in the background. He looks so angry at the priest! Ha. Methinks my relatives weren’t really paying attention to what was happening. I love looking at the guests in these processional pictures.


Next up was Mr. CA and his adorable parents. One of our favorite songs in Mass is “Lord of the Dance,” and, as you may have noticed, “Simple Gifts” sounds a lot like it! So Mr. CA was super excited to walk down the aisle to “Lord of the Dance.” He tells me he was even dancing down the aisle a bit.


Then came the Best Man and my mommy. She looks so freaking happy here! Love her, and I loved the dress she picked out.


Then all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. I am a little sad because there weren’t pictures of all of them walking down, but I guess I don’t need to see each of them. I have a general sense of what happened, anyway—they walked. Down the aisle. Carrying bouquets. Woot!


Next up were the junior bridesmaid and the ring bearer. What a ham! He was super nervous, but he looked so dashing in his little bow tie.


Then came the siblings! Since we had an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, it actually worked out really well for my sister and Mr. CA’s two brothers to walk down the aisle together. Obviously my sis loved having two men on her arm! Our day of coordinator, Kelsey, closed the door after they came out.

While the processional had been going on, I was hiding in the kitchen trying to keep out of sight. Kind of weird, but whatever—that’s where they told me to wait! I was so nervous about being in front of 115 people, and worrying about tripping and falling flat on my face, that I didn’t really care that I was sitting in my wedding dress on a sack of potatoes.

Anyway, my dad had been watching the processional, and he collected me when it was our turn. My daddy! I was so happy that he was there walking me down the aisle. I still didn’t have any tears or melt-downs or whatnot. No thoughts of doubt crossed my mind (except those little niggling doubts of “perhaps I should have worn the flats…”). Nope, I was too excited and nervous to think of anything but marrying my man.

We stood outside the doors. Waiting. I heard Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major” start to play. The doors opened. I took a breath.


And we stepped out into the church.


Okay, getting a little teary again looking at the pictures. Listening to the song. Being transported back to that time. I was so incredibly happy. I think Mr. CA was too, judging by the above picture.


During the rehearsal, Fr. John had told us to stop in the little spotlight for a few beats so that people could take my dress in. Smart man; he really knew what he was doing! So my dad reminded me to stop once we got into that little circle of light. My dad took his aisle-walking duties very seriously.


Then we continued on. My dad kept the beat, and forced me to slow down if he thought I was walking too quickly. Aisle-walking pro, I am telling you! He was whispering “slow and easy” out of the corner of his mouth.


It was such a trip walking down that aisle. I wasn’t even nervous at that point—nerves and butterflies had all flown out the window. I just felt so enveloped in love. I kept my eyes locked on Mr. CA, and while I couldn’t stop smiling like a maniac, there were absolutely no tears. Too much happiness in my heart for there to be any room for tears! I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth.


We got to the end of the aisle, and I gave my dad a big hug and a kiss. He wasn’t giving me away, just helping me along. Isn’t that what parents are for, anyway? Helping us and supporting us along the way no matter where we go?



After he hugged and kissed me, my dad tried to sit down. I think he was a little nervous and totally didn’t notice Mr. CA standing there waiting for a handshake and a hug! Mr. CA was just standing there, and when my dad turned away he gave this exaggerated shrug that everyone laughed at. Of course, we got my dad’s attention and they hugged, but it was pretty funny. Don’t worry, my dad did not reject Mr. CA! Ha.

Once my dad sat down, Mr. CA and I turned towards the altar and ascended the steps towards Fr. John. It was time to get down to business!


Did you cry when you walked down the aisle, or were you able to keep it together? Did you walk down with your dad? Your mom? Both? A sibling? Or did you walk solo? I love hearing what others do!


Recaps commenced. Sort of.

I got over my dress regret.

We made it official. Legally.

I stressed out big time.

We did some last-minute prep.

We rehearsed.

Our wedding day arrived!

The little details fell into place.

I got all gussied up.

The guys got ready.

We had a first look.

Mr. CA and I took “formal” portraits.

We took pictures on a dock.

After some mishaps, we made it to the church.

**All photography by Sarah Rhoads Photography unless otherwise noted**


Mrs. Candy Apple

Princeton Junction, NJ/ Seattle, WA
Wedding Date:
August 2011
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