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I’m going to have a really, really hard time letting go of MS Weddings magazine after our wedding.

The image above completely takes my breath away””blue? BLUE? Nobody told me my dress could be my something blue!

The draping on this gown is something else as well””and hello””is that a triple strand pearl necklace I see? (P.S.””if you like those baubles, check out these at White Aisle)

See more ridiculously good looking gowns here!

Are there any colored gown brides out there?  What does your dress look like?


Mrs. Shortcake

Wedding Date:
October 2008
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Natakie16, Guest @ 3:29 pm

    I’ll be wearing a red Maggie dress, but I love that one (in my dreams!) and would love a pink one, but since it’s a December wedding, red it is 🙂

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    PinkCupcake, Guest @ 3:54 pm

    omg i teared up when i saw this dress in the magazine i ripped it out and told my mom “this is it” lol. unfortunatly i cant afford it, i was thinking about getting it made but i dont know any wedding dress seamstresses in new york =[

  3. dumpling Bee
    dumpling 750 posts, Busy bee @ 5:00 pm

    Have you seen Reem Acra’s blue dress? Its gorgeous!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Kate, Guest @ 5:07 pm

    Mine is a soft of blush too! They call it champagne but its not like any other champagne I’ve seen… I call it “shell” because it reminds me of the inside of a sea shell. The last time I stepped in to the dress store, I was greeted by the owner with “You know what? I was telling somebody about your dress and I call you my ‘peach bride.'” 🙂

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    BrideDIY, Guest @ 6:11 pm

    Oh SOOO PRETTY! That was the kind of dress I looked and looked for but never found. Dont get me wrong I loved my dress but that dress is exactly what I wanted! I think I know why I never found it though my buget was less than 1/6 of what that dress cost so I am guessing it’s just a bit beyond the price range I had. :)And I totally agree MS weddings rocks, one of the few wedding mags I really liked

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    katherine, Guest @ 7:44 pm

    mine has a red sash! we’re getting married right before christmas so i thought it would be a nice touch.

  7. Member
    Linds11 8 posts, Newbee @ 8:02 pm

    that neckline…have mercy. i wanted an off-the-shoulder gown sooo bad but actually had a hard time finding one to even try on! elizabeth filmore has a gorgeous blue dress too.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Sheri, Guest @ 12:04 pm

    Yay! My wedding dress was pale blue, too. I had my custom made and I’m so glad that I did. The dress was a little untraditional, in general – we did a 18th century Scottish theme.

    Here’s the pictures from my dressmaker’s website:

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