Crazy Cat People

Things started normally enough – I had one cat, Mr. Guinea Pig had two. Then we moved in together, and now we have three! If you thought, ‘Psh, three’s not that many,’ then you obviously haven’t met our cats (well, I guess you were introduced to Buster in my introductory post)!


(Six loves to lay on anything)


(Buster in a typical position)


(pretty, tiny, Allie)


Our cats are pretty important to us, and we love them dearly. If you’ve ever made a snarky comment about ‘those people’ who talk about their pets all the time, and tell stories like they’re kids… well, that might be us. Guilty as charged. But only funny stories, I swear.


(How could you not love these personal space heaters?)

And as much as they sometimes act like dogs (Buster plays fetch and knows the sit command!), unfortunately they are not outdoor cats and there is no way to incorporate them in person (in cat?) at our wedding.


(oh dear… source)

Too bad we don’t have enough cats for each bridesmaid to carry one down the aisle instead of a bouquet (I kid, I kid)! I would still love to pay tribute to our three furry family members in some manner at our wedding. My first thought was to include some photos of them in the table numbers! Mr. Guinea Pig, on the other hand, immediately said, “I don’t want to be those crazy cat people who put pictures of their cats everywhere.” So now I’m on the hunt to create a very subtle tribute to our feline family members! Got any ideas?!

Have you ever seen an animal at a wedding? Will you be including your pets in your wedding?


Mrs. Guinea Pig

Baltimore, MD
Wedding Date:
May 2010

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    CienDragon 124 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:29 pm

    This only works if you’re a) having programs and b) are a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail but this is what we considered doing to include our Guinea Pig. When they’re listing the knights near the beginning they include a “Sir Not Appearing in this Film” at the end, we were going to include our guinea pig at the end of the list of wedding participants as “Sir Not Appearing in this Ceremony” with his name under it and a picture to the side(instead of the ? they have in the film). You could make it plural (Sirs Not Appearing in this Ceremony?) and put a picture of your cats.

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