Crinoline – The Evolution

Okay, maybe evolution is too dramatic of a word for the change I made to my crinoline, but it sounds so cool!

Remember when I showed you all my crinoline? Well, after I looked at some pictures, I decided I wanted to spice thing up a little bit, like this:


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But dyeing it was not really an option for me, because even though I love the way it looks, I didn’t want everything to be purple; I wanted white and purple. But re-doing the crinoline was not an option to achieve my desired look, so I opted for ADDING layers, instead!

Yes! I made it PUFFIER!

I know I’m possibly going to end up looking like a marshmallow, but I’ll take the chance – I have a feeling it will end up looking cool – or else I’ll always be remembered as the marshmallow bride with the white and  purple details. 😛 (I’m crossing my fingers big time at this moment that that doesn’t happen!)

So, I ran to my “fabric supplies heaven” and got 40 feet of purple tulle at $9.60. Oh, yes! (I told you, this fabric place is heaven!) Once home, I cut long pieces matching  height of my white layers and sewed them together.

{ Mom Poodle is not really good at taking pictures LOL – she caught me with my eyes closed!
And she said it was a perfect picture! }

{ I had tulle everywhere, so by the time I started sewing, my baby Poodle Curly thought the crinoline was a tent for him to play in }

{ This is how my crinoline ended up looking }

I’m much happier now smile010 because I can surprise everyone with a little bit of color under my dress. I just can’t get away from color, especially purple! I love it so much!

Are you attempting to add color to your dress? if so, what’s your plan?


Mrs. Poodle

Santiago, Chile/San Bernardino, CA
Wedding Date:
January 2010
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  1. Member
    Soon Mrs. B 38 posts, Newbee @ 1:09 pm

    I also loooove purple – so I have all shades of purple/lavender for the wedding colors. I LOVE this idea, but can’t sew a button on, much less a button-hole, but I ADORE all your purple accents. 🙂 Great job – you’re a sewing goddess!!!!

  2. espresso Bee
    espresso 1308 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:53 pm

    I wouldn’t touch my dress with a 10ft. pole before our wedding day because I knew I’d spill on it, tear it, rip it. But there you are in your amazing, awesome glory transforming it into something even more beautiful and letting your dog camp inside- you are an inspiration Ms Poodle 🙂

  3. scissors Bee
    scissors 7343 posts, Busy Beekeeper @ 1:28 pm

    I really love seeing the construction process of your dress. It’s so fantastic. I love love love the colored crinoline. I might try to have something surprising like this if I go with a dress that needs/has crinoline!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Cara, Guest @ 11:48 am

    Wow, that’s beautiful! I never really gave it much thought to add some color to the dress. If I were going to do that, I would do it similar to how you did so that it’s a little surprise. Though I don’t really know what color I would pick. I was thinking a creme color, but that may look like I got the dress dirty instead of adding some variation of color to it. But anyway, great job with that! I’m getting really excited for my wedding, stressed a little too, but mostly excited. We decided to have a live Chicago Wedding Band at the reception. They’re really great, know a lot of songs so I’m excited for everyone to join in on the celebration!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Watercooler » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 10:01 am

    […] Crinoline – The Evolution by Miss Poodle […]

  6. msbuttons Bee
    msbuttons 5014 posts, Bee Keeper @ 10:27 am

    Holy moly that is poofy!!!! I love the splash of color as a bit of a surprise, nice touch!!!

  7. frenchbulldog Bee
    frenchbulldog 1088 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:29 pm

    How did I miss this post? (Oh, that’s right I got married the day after) Well, I LOVE your purpley-pluffy-ness 🙂

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    How to Travel with a Wedding Dress - Weddingbee - The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 4:21 pm

    […] I tried to squeeze the dress down as much as I could. If you remember, my crinoline alone is pretty puffy – I want to be a marshmallow bride […]

  9. Member
    allibee 29 posts, Newbee @ 4:40 pm

    That is awesome! I’m doing a purple wedding and this would be a surprise for everyone. I’m wearing colored shoes, but never thought about this. Rock that color girl!

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