Scrabble, Crosswords, & Books, Oh My!

I alluded to our book themed wedding in a previous post. After discarding the math theme (somewhat sadly—although I was only ever semi-serious), we fully embraced a books, words and just a general literary theme. We are planning on including several ideas besides the book centerpieces, which to recap, look something like these (the two on the left):


Image via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by ee Photography

I’d like to use a mix of books from family members and books that we bought ourselves. Some of my family members have already mentioned that they have copies of several classics, but the idea of having books to take from the wedding to start our own personal library is also a huge draw for me. In ten or twenty years, I want to be able to look at the books we bought (in our library of course) and know that they have been with us since the beginning. Mr. Lemur and I have started looking at old bookstores and thrift shops and buying just a handful of our favorite books at a time. An older man from our church who loves old books has also sweetly bought over twenty classics as a wedding present, which is so special!

But besides the book centerpieces, I love these inspiration pictures of crossword puzzle programs:


Image via Pretty Little Things / Photo by Martha Stewart Weddings

My idea is to use all the information you would normally have on a program—names of bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.—plus some information about ourselves as the clues. We could also include a message of thanks at the bottom. I think I would have these sitting at each place setting for the reception. I don’t think I would want guests working on them during the ceremony.

I have one more big “inspiration” to tie in our literary theme!


Image via Hostess With the Mostess / Photo by Courtney Jade Photography

So I may have gone a little crazy on the Scrabble inspiration…but how could I say no? I think my favorite is the label for the cake—it’s just perfect! I am so doing this. Although, I love the ring shot with the Scrabble letters as well.

I think with these three ideas we’ve cemented the theme. I’d like to add more, but I also don’t want to go overboard. Anything else I should add? Suggestions on projects that are impossible, possible, or really super easy (preferred)?


Mrs. Lemur

Greenville, South Carolina
Wedding Date:
May 2013
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  1. Member
    stephk527 987 posts, Busy bee @ 11:49 am

    I LOVE the idea of crossword puzzles, Miss Lemur! So cute and fun, perfect for any potential unforeseen weird lulls. 🙂

  2. mstoadstool Bee
    mstoadstool 2485 posts, Buzzing bee @ 4:28 pm is my go-to place to get books, they sell supper affordable used books in great condition.

  3. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 1:12 pm

    i almost went completely with a book theme and absolutely ADORED these –

    also a good idea for escort cards = bookmarks

  4. mslemur Bee
    mslemur 616 posts, Busy bee @ 1:18 pm

    @Miss Gray Wolf: The stamp on the envelopes kills me!! Too cute!

  5. Member
    abbyLtib 16 posts, Newbee @ 7:11 pm

    I love the book idea as well! Maybe you could recruit books before your wedding, say at your bridal shower, instead of people getting you a card, they could find an old book and write their well wishes inside and as a bonus you could use them as centerpieces? I do this all the time, but with throwing baby showers (perhaps in your future?) this is a great way to start the library! Just a thought! Best of luck!

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