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So guys, I’ve dropped hints about our cake topper previously. So I thought I’d finally tell the hive!  🙂

From the beginning (I’m talking back in July of 2012!), we wanted to inject a little bit of geekiness into our wedding. We’ll be doing that through several things—the props of our photo booth, some of our choices in music, and the quintessential piece of them all—the cake topper.

Originally, I mentioned many times that Mr. Big and I both wanted a cake topper of us fighting the zombie horde, like this:

Cake topper—fighting the horde with style! / Image from Garden Ninja Studios

However, to get the bride and groom and two zombies, it meant forking out a LOT of dough. Add to that shipping from the US, where the toppers came from, and that was a lot of money for a topper. So we started thinking of alternatives. I found a few good cake topper designers, but none of them really gave us the feel of what we really liked as a couple.

There were either too cutesy for us:

Wall - E, Eve custom wedding cake topper Decoration Gift

Wall-e & Eve cake topper / Image and topper from Anna Crafts

Or too far away from what we originally wanted:

The Running Bride and Groom- Custom Wedding Cake Topper

The Running Bride & Groom / Image and topper from Weddings and Wire

I loved the works of both Anna Crafts and Weddings and Wire, but they departed too much from our original image. They weren’t any cheaper, either, so we’d still be paying a good amount of money to get them. By this point, however, Mr. Big and I had figured that if we wanted to get a unique cake topper that was very “us” then we shouldn’t worry too much about money.

But (more than) $400 was still way too much for us to grasp!

So back to the drawing board we went—literally! I enlisted the help of my awesome maid of honour/big sister to design us some cake topper ideas we had. She churned out the goods over a month, and we received these beauties:

Miss Big and Mr. Big standing on a Cube, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”¦yeah, that didn’t work. / Image from MoH M&Ms

Fighting the horde—with style!! / Image from MoH M&Ms

Romance with Portals! / Image from MoH M&Ms

As you can probably tell, two of three are Portal inspired. This is because Mr. Big and my relationship grew from this wonderful game. We have many, many, many other things in common (music, likes, dislikes, intelligent debates, etc.), but Portal was what got me into the one thing I refused to do before meeting him: playing a video game on my own.

I don’t want to go too much into it, because this post is already SUPER long, but basically, after completing the first Portal game, I become what one would call a “female gamer chick.” I don’t play competitively (I suck at competitive death-match-y type games), but I LOVE playing co-operatively. In fact, if you watch StudioSomething’s stop-motion video, it states in the end that marriage is the ultimate co-op! That’s how Mr. Big and I see our marriage—we co-operate with each other to reach our goals and help each other along the way.

Anyway, to get back on target, we decided—after polling others and deliberating the kind of feel we want for the wedding—to pull the trigger and contact Garden Ninja Studios. After going through details with Mr. Andrew Olds, the mastermind behind the geek cake toppers of Garden Ninja Studios, we finalised everything and patiently waited for the cake topper to come in.

Well, guys, while we were in Melbourne, we got a package. After returning from the trip, we excitedly opened up the package and found these babies inside:

We decided to go with the first design!

We are SO ecstatic with the whole thing and can’t wait to display these on our cake! And then in our home!! Drew is an AWESOME designer, and if anyone wants to get a custom-made, one-of-a-kind cake topper, I HIGHLY recommend his work!

Who else would go or went with a custom cake topper? 🙂

(All photos personal unless otherwise stated)


Mrs. Bighorn Sheep

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Wedding Date:
February 2014
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  1. Member
    cakeyp 2562 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:05 pm

    We are doing custom!
    It’s a silhouette topper made of black plastic. It shows the two us holding hands.

    I drew it up in AutoCAD (mostly just traced multiple photos, combined them, and then edited the clothes as required) and we sent it to a friend who has access to a laser cutter. He’s going to try to cut it over break (should take him about ~10 minutes, no joke)

    Then we just stick it into the cake using the stakes I placed on the bottom, and voila! Cake topper!

    After the wedding I plan on snipping off the stakes and framing it as a wedding memento AND bonus artwork silhouette.

    BTW, favorite Xmas decorations ever: Portal Xmas Tree. Look it up! 😀

  2. wellies Bee
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:07 pm

    If we had the money in our budget, we would definitely have gotten a custom cake topper. Yours looks amazing! 🙂

  3. Member
    debinoxford 375 posts, Helper bee @ 7:28 pm

    We custom made our own cake toppers. I drew the wooden birds out, my husband cut them out, attached stakes and smoothed the lot before I finished them off with engraving with a wood burner. I love them and we’ve kept them to pass on. I bet if i pulled them out I could find another way to display them in the house. I love custom cake toppers. Yours is cool!

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