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I’m invited to 2 weddings this year. One in Tahoe in June and another one in Alaska in September I think it was. I used to hate going to weddings but after my friends started getting married off one by one I’ve really learned to enjoy them. I mean a wedding is a GREAT excuse to buy a new dress, and new shoes, and maybe some nice earrings. That’s 3 new items for ME just because I’m going to a wedding. WooHoo!

Then you go, throw the bride and groom some cash, eat food, dance till your feet hurt, and shove all the bitches who think they’re gonna catch the bouquet when it’s got my name written ALL OVER IT. (I really don’t do the last part. Really, I don’t, but I can picture doing it. MuHAHAHA!)

Ok the boyfriend was just here doing the running man. FREAK.


If you’ve read my previous entries I’m gonna go with cylinder centerpieces. To get an idea of just exactly how many I need for each table….I’m a little hesitant to show you guys this because I’m afraid that you’ll think I’m psychotic…SIKE! I don’t care what you heifers think! I already know I’m crazy. So there!…I’m sorry I always wander onto Planet Ladybug out of the blue…I just can help it demmit! So this is what I did. Laugh if must but I shall bitch slap you and your grandmother. That’s right hide your grannies! I’ll find them!

SHUT UP! I don’t want to hear it. Let me explain what you’re looking at. (double click to get a larger view) I wrote down all the different sized cylinder vases I saw on this one website (Save On Crafts), actually cut the measurements out on paper, and wrote on them how much a dozen would cost for each size. STOP LAUGHING! Ok, you can laugh but you’ll stop laughing once I take photos of the actual centerpieces when I’m done and you’re gonna wanna borrow it after my wedding. Then we’ll see who laughs last! All I can say is “It won’t be you.”


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