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Another component of our upcoming Planning Session is selecting the linens and other decor items. This is an area in which we are hoping to keep costs down—the venue already has a lot of personality, and shouldn’t require a ton of upgrades. However, this is easier said than done. When you’re already spending so much fracking money on the rest of the day, you want to make sure the visual of your wedding day corresponds to all the work/money you put in!

Thing #1: Linens.

Inspiration Ideas:


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Image via Ritzy Bee Blog / Photo by Eddie Ross


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So, a few months ago, I heard from a florist that one way to have dramatic-looking tables without spending an arm and a leg on floral is to upgrade your linens. If your linens are anything other than white, your eye doesn’t go straight toward the center piece, and you can get away with something very simple without it looking super simple. Also, even if upgrading linens costs money, it almost certainly does not cost as much as a huge floral centerpiece!

With our wedding having a black and white striped theme, I was crossing my fingers that black linens might also be considered “standard”… and I recently found out I’m in luck! Black table linens are not an upcharge. I can even do white napkins (like that last picture) to get a stripey-look, and there will be NO ADDITIONAL charge. I’m so excited by this development, hive!! It seems silly, but it’s actually a pretty big deal for our pocketbook.

I also LOVE the black & white runner in the first picture though, so I think I will inquire to at least get a price on something like that. Maybe we could do it at just the sweetheart table or something.

Thing #2: Furniture.



Image via Ruffled Blog / Photo by Sarah McKenzie


Photo by Randy Chapman


Image via A Practical Wedding

Clearly, I feel conflicted about this. Photo #1 is clearly the ultimate dream—I mean, how gorgeous, right? But really, what I’m trying to realistically pull from this photo is the idea of a white chair (like a chiavari) with a black “backdrop” (aka tablecloth) peeking through. This would mean renting chairs. SIGH. How many brides have struggled with this expense? At about $10/chair, Is it worth it or not worth it? Right now, my thought is to possibly only rent chairs for the main floor. About a half to a third of our guests will be on the Mezzanine level (sort of a half floor up from us on the main floor), so I’m thinking I could leave those chairs be, and only pay for the 60-or-so chairs on the main level. It’s still a lot of money though.

Photo #2 shows square tables in our venue. I went to a wedding last year with square/rectangular tables, and I thought it made a really big visual impact. Especially with our striped theme, I think the square shape makes a lot of sense. Apparently these cost $25/table, plus a delivery fee of $100. Not too bad, I don’t think! Or am I in bride brain and that’s still ridiculous? It’s hard to tell these days…

And then there’s another side of me (the Photo #3 side of me) that says SCREW IT. Who cares about the furniture?? Do whatever is standard (circle tables with the chairs that come with the venue) and save the money. Either way, we will get things priced out at the Planning Session so that we have some more prices to go off of, and we’ll cut from there.

Oh and side note—at this particular venue, we are not allowed to use outside vendors for linens or furniture. If we were getting married at one of the convention centers, we could, but for some reason, Atlantic Dance Hall is special, so we are stuck with whatever pricing Disney gives us. Which totally blows for this bargain hunter.

So what do you think…to upgrade or not to upgrade? Are these silly expenses that I won’t care about the day after the wedding and would rather have the money in our pockets? I cannot decide…


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  1. msgoosebee Bee
    Mrs. Goose 28 posts, Newbee @ 7:14 am

    First off, I LOVE the look of the linens, with the black and white. I like when napkins add an extra pop.

    Also, not sure what you’re feelings are on chair covers, but if the standard chairs don’t match your theme, chair covers tend to be cheaper than chairs (although I don’t know the Disney pricing on that.) That being said, the chiavari/square table combination do look great.

  2. mshen Bee
    Mrs. Hen 17 posts, Newbee @ 7:21 am

    Your black & white inspiration pics are gorgeous! The square tables seems like an affordable upgrade–and I agree it makes a great impact over rounds. You might even be able to fit more people at square tables–it looks like there’s 10 at each in your picture (I don’t know if the standard rounds at your venue seat 8 or 10). Whatever you decide, it will definitely be beautiful.

  3. msfilly Bee
    Mrs. Filly 85 posts, Worker bee @ 7:31 am

    I think black and white linens are so elegant. Great choice!

    As far as the tables and chairs go, your inspiration photos look gorgeous, and if it’s worth the upcharge, go for it. But if you could use that money towards another upgrade that will make more of an impact with your guests (because realistically, the most people really notice about a chair is if it’s comfortable or not), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the standard tables and chairs.

  4. mswallaby Bee
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 9:17 am

    I love that you can get the black linens with no upcharge! for the chairs, lady, don’t sweat over that – I swear to you no one will notice, and I think you’d regret splurging on those afterwards when you think back and can’t even remember what chairs you were sitting in. Our wedding was pretty expensive, but the only thing I regret spending money on was some of the decor.

  5. msllama Bee
    Mrs. Llama 22 posts, Newbee @ 9:46 am

    @Miss Goose – I’m fairly certain the chair covers aren’t that much cheaper – like $8 per cover, I think. I’m not a fan of chair covers in general, but especially at only a couple dollars difference, I figure I’ll either do Chiavari or nothing!
    @Miss Hen – I do see that these are seating 10, and I think that’s how big the round tables are as well. However, I’ve definitely seen pictures of them squeezing 11 at the round tables, and we might need all the extra space we can get…we’ll see though. I so love the square!!
    @Miss Filly & @Mrs. Wallaby – Good advice. Hmmmm. This will definitely be in the back of my head as I make decisions – especially coming from someone who actually DOES regret it (Wallaby). Innnnnnteresting.

  6. Member
    11sasha11 407 posts, Helper bee @ 3:34 am

    if you use a 66″ round table you can fit 11 comfortably. Usually they seat 10.

    But all you should have at a 60″ round is 8….. 10 at 60″ ROUND TABLE IS super tight and a bit uncomfortable, 11 should be out of the question. Nothing says elegant more than bumping into the guest next to you throughout dinner (sorry to be sarcastic, it is just how I feel). Guest comfort should also be a consideration. Nothing is worse than your guests being packed into a table. it is a memory that will last with them.

    you should ask your venue if they have some of these larger tables. I am having 98 guests and I am using 9 tables 6 at 66″ and 3 at 60″.

    Linens will make a big difference. Even the runners. As for chairs they are quite costly, if you can make the venue chairs work and they are comfortable then use those and I would spend that money elsewhere.

  7. Member
    11sasha11 407 posts, Helper bee @ 3:38 am

    Also talk with the venue about square vs round and the space issue. That could be a decision maker right there. I would test out by going a seating chart diagram with the maximum guest count and make sure you like the look. if the guest count go down you have no problem.

  8. msllama Bee
    Mrs. Llama 22 posts, Newbee @ 7:05 am

    @canway11 – Okay, just checked, and the rounds are 72″, so it sounds like the squeezing shouldn’t be a problem! We are leaving for our planning session this evening…hopefully some of these questions will be answered! Thanks for the tip.

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