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I have always been a letter sketcher. Some people sketch pictures, I like to sketch letters. I opened an old notebook and found this little gem…


Notes from grad school about cardiac genetics

Maybe I should have paid more attention.

I love experimenting with different fonts, emphasizing my downstrokes, or finishing a letter off with a grand swirl. I do not know any of the technical language of calligraphy or fonts, but I remember being entranced watching Mr. Squirrel work when he used to do graphic design. He could manipulate words on the computer in the way I used to in my school notebooks. He introduced me to a world of fonts I never knew existed.

Some men introduce their women to fine wines; I learned about fonts. 🙂

As you may suspect, invitation brainstorming began after being engaged for about a week. Mr. Squirrel has very high standards for our wedding paper suite. Because the invitations were turning into such a monumental project, I informed Mr. Squirrel our STDs would be simple (and adorable…obvi). Simple = a single page and minimal design elements. Thankfully, he was down with that.

We found a cute picture of us from the night we got engaged. Mr. Squirrel worked a little Photoshop magic (what zit?) and BAM:


It’s not that Mr. Squirrel is a paper snob…OK fine, Mr. Squirrel is a paper snob. But he’s cute, so we can all overlook this. Even though our STDs were nice and simple, we had them printed with a silky finish that is a free upgrade from They are so smooth to the touch and I like that they aren’t just the standard card stock or gloss finish.

(I digress.)

This post is about calligraphy!!! I wanted to give our STDs some extra flair, so after some online research and a personal pep talk I decided to hand address them. We planned to send about 100 out, and I figured I could crank out 20 a day and be finished by the weekend. Well, I was wrong. It started out taking me 26 minutes per envelope. I was picky and wasn’t in my groove. I wasted time playing around with different types of pen, and ultimately I settled on a standard extra-fine ball point pen.


I really wanted to keep the STDs playful and fun so I mixed up the fonts and added lots of swirls. (By the end, I was down to six minutes per envelope.)

So I finally finished addressing them the night before Mr. Squirrel and I were taking a early morning flight to Pittsburgh to visit friends. I had every intention of dropping them off on the way to the airport, but my brain wasn’t working at 4:00 AM so they came on the plane with us. I wasn’t about to wait until Monday to send these babies out. It actually worked out for the best, because I was able to hand deliver a few to my friends and got awesome reactions! The rest went into the mailbox:




Officially in the mail! Oh man…I guess this thing is on!

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    @Trishthedish36: I still check it! To answer you question, no. I didn’t use a ruler or anything. I tend to just freehand and see how it turns out. On some the names were much bigger, it just depended. Don’t obsess, it will drive you crazzzy!

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