DIY—Ceremony Program Mock-Up

Happy DIY Day, lovely people!

Today’s post is all about ceremony programs, which arguably means I’m doing this wedding-planning stuff a BIT out of order considering we have NONE of the ceremony details hashed out yet, but bear with me—when my eyes fell on this lovely wedding program by Martha Stewart, it was love at first sight:


Image via Martha Stewart Weddings / Photo by Luca Trovato

There was something so refreshingly simple about the entire layout, and I loved how that extra little touch was added by the band around the center. Granted, these are letterpressed, but I figured I could get the same kind of feel with my trusty home printer—so, I went to work.

I designed everything in Microsoft Word (which, honestly, is a pain in the bazoo, so if you have a different program like Publisher or something I would recommend that). All I did was set the page layout to landscape, added three columns, and then threw in some placeholder info to see how it would all look.

(All upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo)


I used the “Albemarle Swash” font for the headings, and “Poor Richard” for the majority of the text. It was printed on some nice, linen-textured cream colored card stock I ordered from, and overall I really like the way it turned out.

However, I thought instead of printing the names and wedding date on the band like Martha did, I would find a way to add some of my illustrious wedding ribbon to the front. Here’s the solution I came up with:


Some olive green card stock and a few trials and errors later, this is what resulted. The bands are a lot easier to make than I thought they would be. The paper band is two inches in height and 11 inches in length, and is simply folded around the program and connected with a small piece of double-sided tape. The ribbon was equally easy to add—you just cut two six-inch strips of whatever ribbon you like, punch two holes equal distance from the folds on the front, hot glue the ribbon to the backside, and then thread them through the holes. Tie a pretty bow on the front, and voila!



While my version may not be as glorious or elegant as Martha’s, you can rest assured that mine was made with love and a little handmade charm! The super-great part is that they’re really inexpensive to make and easy to assemble. The only slightly tedious part will be cutting 500 ribbon strips for the bands, but I think it’s something I can manage over the course of eight months.

One decision down, a bazillion more to go—I’m so excited, y’all!

What ideas do you have for your ceremony programs? Did you do a trial run before making your decision to see how the finished product would look?


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