Practice Makes Perfect!

When it comes to cooking and baking, I’m kind of an all or nothing girl. Dinner is either a serious affair where I cook many dishes and turn my kitchen into a complete disaster…or it’s a microwavable meal straight from the freezer. I love a great meal, but after a long day at work most of the time I just don’t have the energy.

One of things I keep going back and forth with when it comes to the reception is whether we should do a “bar” of some type. I’m not talking about an alcohol bar, silly bees…that is a non-negotiable, people! I’m talking about the cute dessert/pie/cupcake/s’more/etc. bars that are showing up at so many receptions.

They are absolutely adorable, but I am having concerns about committing that kind of time to baking the week before the wedding. I have secretly been perusing bakery websites to see what kind of deal I could get (we all know sometimes swiping the card is just easier), but then I quickly realized this girl was not shelling out $500 bucks for a candy bar!

But then my planning worlds collided…

A close coworker (and friend) is expecting a baby girl in a few months, and I wanted to throw her a shower at work. While I love a good theme, other people at work were helping with the planning so I kept things simple with a pink theme. Wah wah…

Feeling unsatisfied, I had to think of a way to spice up the baby shower. It slammed me in the face: I could practice having a dessert bar!!

We all practice our hair and makeup, so why not practice a dessert bar? I knew the ladies at work would LOVE it and it would give me a better sense of the time commitment and cost so I could decide if we should have one for the wedding. Also, I could figure out if it was going to look totally amateur. 🙂

And here’s what I came up with:


I made:

  • Cake pops
  • Raspberry cheesecake shooters
  • Cupcakes with flags (Yay! Addison!)
  • Brownie bites
  • Marshmallow pops

Cake Pop Disclaimer: My sister is practically a professional cake pop maker. Practically. Her balls are perfectly smooth and beautiful. She can make cute little shapes and everything. My mom says I am talented in other areas. These pops are lumpy and odd looking, but they were delicious!!

Disclaimer Two: Don’t put a cake-pop maker on your registry. I feel very strongly about this. Those little machines just make a ball out of cake that you can frost. A true, authentic cake pop involves crumbling a full cake and mixing it with frosting. Then, you HAND SCULPT little balls and dip them in chocolate. Now you know.

My phone pics really stink, but I made a cute sparkle sign to help fill up the ugly white space we have in our conference room.


For those of you who looked closely, check out my dollar-store cake stands (plate/platter hot glued to a candlestick holder or glass). Easy peasy! If I didn’t have to lug everything to my office, I would have had a lot more fun with different levels.

For the cake and marshmallow pops, I just got a few Styrofoam blocks and wrapped tissue paper around them so they looked like candy.




Bottom line: it was a lot of fun to plan, and I only spent the night before actually making the desserts. But…this baby shower was for 13 people, while our wedding will have around 120. Definitely doable, but a pretty major undertaking for the week of the wedding. Keep in mind, 100% of the guest list is from out of town. Yay or nah, bees?

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    I’ve been wondering how I could decorate the styrofoam blocks for my candy buffet! This solved my problem. Thanks!

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