DIY – Initials Cake-topper

Justabride here from the featured wedding earlier this week.

Someone asked about our crystal initials caketopper that I made. I was pretty much on a low budget for a lot of things and didn’t want to spend so much on it. Our initials “KS” was one of our themes for our wedding which is why I used it for our caketopper.


I ordered the letters (Silver Acrylic Mirror) from weddingcuts. They were so helpful and designed the topper in the exact same font as the initials on our stationery.


Note: you should consider the width of the top layer of your cake before deciding on the size of your letters. You don’t want to have your caketopper be wider than your cake. The top layer of our cake was 6 inches wide so I specified 3″ high x 1/8″ thick per letter. You also have the option of ordering single letters, words, shapes etc. Total cost including shipping $46.80.

The crystals, glue, tweezers and mat were ordered from tamisplace. They offered free shipping which made them cheaper than other places. I bought the colors light rose, rose and fuschia. There are a range of sizes but I ordered them in sizes 20ss and 16ss only. Just remember: the smaller the crystals, the less space they take and the longer you’ll be sitting there gluing each one on.



Getting started…




It took a few crystals to get the hang of it and not get glue everywhere. But it was easy to do after awhile. Warning: This was an extremely long and monotonous task. It took me a long 7 hrs to sit there and glue each individual crytal on. I nearly killed my eyes and back trying to get this done in one sitting. The things that a bride does for her big day 😀

* When you initally receive your caketopper, don’t be disappointed with how plain it looks. Once you cover the crap out of it with the crystals, it’ll look damn magnificant! *

My cake inspiration pic


+ (caketopper pic from Knottie DRZwife)


= and the end result:


I totally love love LOVED my cake. It was like my first-born child. When you spend so much time on something (and lose half your eyesight over it), I guess you can’t help but grow an emotional tie to it.

Good news for those who don’t want to go the DIY-route, you can actually custom-order your crystal caketopper from topperswithglitz. They’re on the pricey end though, ranging from $100 and up. Some examples of their work below:




And A Sixpence In Her Shoe
Who needs a Prenuptial Agreement?

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    Dee, Guest @ 10:02 pm

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! About how much did this project cost you? And where did you buy your crystals from?

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