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DIY Light Up Monogram

A few weeks ago the Sundaes had quite the successful trip to HomeGoods and Michaels in terms of wedding decor. I had been highly anticipating this trip for a while, as I was previously perusing Pinterest, looking for ideas for little decor items to have displayed at the Ice Cream Sundae wedding.

Here was my inspiration:

skeleton key escort cards

Image via The Knot

Mr. Ice Cream Sundae and I decided to do skeleton key favors, which would double as escort cards (more on these in a later post).

Fortunately, after scouring the aisles one by one, I stumbled upon something that I thought would be GREAT for this display. The conundrum: not paying an arm and a leg to ship it back to Syracuse from California. Because the display board was quite large, I knew it would cost double—if not triple—what the actual board cost just to ship. I stuck it in my cart anyway and hoped for the best. (Mostly, I hoped I would arrive at a decision by the time I made it to the checkout.)

oh snap instagram chalkboard

Image via // Photography by Meyerott Photography and Cinema

Next came the frames. I had pinned this photo (see above) quite some time ago, and knew that I absolutely wanted to incorporate this idea into the Ice Cream Sundae wedding somehow. My very good friend Jenni even came up with an ADORABLE hashtag for us to use! So anytime I would step into a craft store, I would be sure to look for these gold ornate picture frames. Unfortunately (up until last weekend), I was not able to find any. While walking through the frames section of the store, I saw these perfect frames that fit my vision for the project. Only one thing was wrong: they were silver. I was so bummed. I started to turn away from the frames and continue my search when I realized, duh, only the color was wrong! Enter: spray paint! I grabbed the three frames and threw them in my cart.

As I was getting ready to finish up, I stumbled upon an amazing Vera Wang side-by-side photo display. I had been searching for gifts for our parents for quite a few weekends and wasn’t able to come up with anything that I really loved. Because I don’t want to keep our parents from reading this post, I’ll go more into depth on those gifts in a later one. Ice Cream Sundae parents, you may continue reading. 🙂

When I got up to the register, I asked the cashier what she thought I should do about the pushpin board. She told me I should call the Syracuse store and see if they had one in stock. That’s just what I did, but I asked her to hold my item at the counter just in case. I wasn’t about to let that item go!

After this trip, I walked out with:

  • Window pane pushpin display board: $19.99 (remotely, via my lovely sister in Syracuse)
  • Frames: $6.99 each (3)
  • 2 gifts for parents (to be discussed in a later post)

With these gifts in tow, I ventured on to Michaels for some spray paint. I was able to find a beautiful antique gold color that matched exactly what I was looking for. After grabbing the spray paint, I walked down the aisles to see if there was anything else that I might be able to pick up. On an end cap, I saw an adorable marquee light display that was marked 50% off. Woohoo! What a steal! I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them just yet, but I picked them up anyway.

  • Marquee lights: $3.99 (originally $6.99) in white (to be spray painted gold!)
  • Antique Gold spray paint: $2.99 (originally $5.99) <-had a coupon!

I dedicated the weekend to doing it myself…and had such a blast. It was my first time working with spray paint, so I Googled, watched some videos, and then decided to try my hand at it.

Here’s what I started with:

light up marquee B

Image via Festive Lights

I forgot to take a picture of my lights before I spray painted them, but here’s what they basically looked like (see above).

ornate gold picture frame

Personal photo: The beloved frames (in silver)

The process for prepping the work area definitely took more time than the actual painting process. It was sort of windy outside, so I had to staple all of the newspaper pieces together, which was a bit of a disaster. It ended up working out just fine in the end, though.

diy gold frame wedding decor

Personal photo

The marquee lights definitely took the longest because I had to individually tape each light to protect them from being painted. Unfortunately, I didn’t do as good of a job at taping as I should have, and the area around the light did not get painted. So I had to take off the tape and re-do it. Fortunately, I did a better job the second time around.

I was so excited for these things to dry because I really wanted to see what they would look like all set up. It was like waiting for coffee to brew when you just wake up in the morning. Tick…tock…tick…tock. I didn’t get a finished photo of the frames because I haven’t yet printed the cards for display, but I do have a picture of the finished lights!

DIY light up monogram

Personal photo

Now to decide where we’re actually going to display these beautiful letters. I’m thinking on/at/around the cake table. Or, maybe on the table where I display the escort cards/keys.

What do you think, hive? Any suggestions on where I should have these letters displayed? Thankfully, they are battery operated, so they don’t need to be plugged in.

…And what about you? Have you DIYed at all for your wedding or are you planning on doing so?

Excited to hear all about it!


Mrs. Ice Cream Sundae

Wedding Date:
October 2016
Gallery of the Day: July 12, 2016
Real Weddings: Han & Pablo
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  1. Member
    lovestinalane 72 posts, Worker bee @ 11:37 am

    I actually got DIY Marquee letters at Michael’s for 60% off, however, mine were around $9. I bought 3 that will spell out BAR. They came in white, but luckily for me, since they’re

  2. Member
    lovestinalane 72 posts, Worker bee @ 11:38 am

    …not sure why my above comment got cut off. Here’s the rest of it.

    “DIY”, I have to install the lightbulbs myself. And I say lucky because I wanted to spray paint mine gold too! Yours turned out great and I hope mine do too! 🙂

  3. icecreamsundae Bee
    Mrs. Ice Cream Sundae 1 posts, Wannabee @ 6:36 am

    @lovestinalane I love that yours didn’t come with the lights installed! That will be so much easier! They’ll turn out beautifully! 🙂

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