The One with the Guestbook

At every wedding since the dawn of time*, there has been some sort of ledger to account for the guests. Appropriately, they call it the “guestbook.” In years past, this has traditionally been just that: a book with lines to sign your name, and not much else.


Image via InstantFilmDirect

More recently, these books have evolved to have spaces for people to write fun messages and well-wishes to the newly married couple. Some, like those available on online photo services sites, have books with areas to insert your engagement photos:


Image via Weddingbee user Hazen24

I like these ideas, and they certainly serve the purpose of books for guests to write their names and possibly messages to the couple, but even more recently, the guestbook has evolved to any number of nontraditional options.


All images from Etsy shops. Clockwise from top left: The Ink Lab, BellaPuzzlesToo, Evelynne99, and RememberZen

With so many new and unique ideas, it was really hard for us to narrow it all down to exactly what we wanted. I showed Cam lots and lots of options and we narrowed it down to either a poster of Charleston…


Image via RetroAmerica

…or something along these lines with 3D hearts for guests to sign.


Image via SuzyShoppe on Etsy

Believe it or not, Cam was more into the hearts. I know, I was surprised too. I love the look of this, but it’s $195. Seriously? How hard could it be?

I headed to Michaels, purchased a heart punch, several types of card stock, and a shadowbox, and set out one evening last week to make this puppy. It took three episodes of Law & Order: SVU on Netflix, and here’s what I ended up with:


Personal photo

I guess overall I’m happy with it. I wish it looked more like the one pictured above, but I think if I get a new shadow box and move the hearts closer together it’ll be more along the lines of what I had pictured. There is also the small issue that there are only 99 hearts, and we are expecting between 125–150 people. I’m assuming people will get that they need to sign two names to one heart on some of them. It isn’t my favorite DIY project, but it probably won’t be the worst!

Anyone else out there do a nontraditional guestbook? Anyone DIY it? Any suggestions for how I can improve this a bit?

*This is pure speculation.


Mrs. Camera

Charlotte, NC/Charleston, SC
Wedding Date:
September 2013
Venues: The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely (THE BAD)
A Highland Fairy Tale: We Rehearse and Kids Scream
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    Kayla B, Guest @ 1:08 pm

    Yours is great! I don’t think you need a different frame though. Just push the hearts closer together in that frame! The original has a couple of inches between the hearts and the frame so squishing those hearts closer together would help!

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    jpswplpcrrsm, Guest @ 8:44 am


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