Ceremony Decorations: Pom Topiaries or How I Fail at Spatial Reasoning

Because we plan on flipping the same space for the wedding and the reception, we wanted to limit the amount of decorations that would have to be shifted around and removed, and in general the easier it is to move around the happier I think everyone will be. Thus, we have decided not to decorate the aisle.  Not only is our aisle very short, but it seems more of a pain than it’s worth. I however did want to have a little bit of decoration at the altar, since it will be in all of our pictures for the rest of time.

Thus, we are going to focus mainly on the front of the room when planning the ceremony decor. While I love the rest of our venue, I must admit the curtains aren’t my favorite part. I wanted something that would work in the space, tie back to our colors and theme, and yet wouldn’t clash with the curtains.


Picture via Style Me Pretty / Image by Melissa DeSchamp Photography

Our venue graciously provides short pillars and vases that we can place things on to square off the area—see it in the left picture below. Many people use the vases to put flowers in, and I really love the visual.


Image by Tyra Bleek Photography

When I saw this picture, though, I knew what I wanted to attempt: pomander topiaries.


Source: Two Twenty One

Thus, I made a newspaper ball with newspaper and packing tape—have you seen the price of Styrofoam balls? Insane considering you’re covering it up completely. Use a smaller ball than you think; it definitely grows a lot after the addition of all of the flowers. I used a five-to-six-inch ball to make my eight-inch pom.


My paper ball next to a dollar-store Styrofoam cube that I originally tried

I had originally planned on buying curly willow branches, but ultimately they came in huge long bundles and I couldn’t justify the cost. Instead, I got three-foot quarter-inch wooden dowels for 60 cents each at Michaels. I cut them in half with wire cutters (but scissors probably would also work given how soft these dowels were) and used three of them together to make a stem.


I created a hole inside the newspaper and hot glued the stem in place.


The flowers I made had a pin stuck to the end to make them easier to stick into the ball. After I was happy with the placement of the flowers, I hot glued the flowers into place as well.

Now I have these gigantic lollipops and I’m completely stuck.

I wanted to get a nice pot to put them in, but I seem to be limited in my options here. I don’t know if it’s because it’s winter and thus no one else is looking for a pretty pot, or if the pot I’m imagining just doesn’t exist.



I originally thought I needed an eight-inch pot to make it work. But I bought one and I think it’s way too big for it. Maybe six? I don’t know, nothing has really spoken to me and, to be honest, it looks really weird to me. I think I might have to change it to look closer to this?


Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Mike Colón Photographers

I think I’m going to remake the whole thing using just white flowers and then see what I think. Thoughts on how I can recover this fail of a DIY? What are you using for your ceremony decorations?


Mrs. Panda

Boston, MA
Wedding Date:
June 2013
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  1. Member
    babbot 586 posts, Busy bee @ 7:39 am

    which method did you use for the flowers? they look great! I look for a smaller pot, the blue one looks a little big to me, but it could be bc it’s a close up pic? and no aisle by which to judge it? I found some on craigslist… I think most stores clearanced out pots and planters for their xmas,, so maybe in the next month or so therell be more gardening items added to the shelves out there (I dont know if you have a big lots, but I saw some there a few months back for pretty cheap and also, hobby lobby has a 50% off sale every few weeks or a 40% off coupon, so check there too) good luck! flowers are beautiful!!!

  2. Member
    lealorali 4827 posts, Honey bee @ 11:25 am

    The poms look great but yes you definitely need a smaller vase!! It’ll balance out I think.

  3. Member
    futureMFG 21 posts, Newbee @ 3:31 pm

    Smart idea with the newspaper! I wouldn’t have thought of that! Have you tried going to florists/outdoor plant/garden areas? I’m sure you can find something somewhere!

  4. Member
    cicijapan 263 posts, Helper bee @ 4:26 pm

    Love your tutorials! I think all white flowers would look great.

  5. panda Bee
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:00 pm

    @babbot: the flowers were coffee filter flowers. Here is the tutorial. http://www.weddingbee.com/2012/10/10/diy-coffee-filter-flower-tutorial/
    @lealorali: I’m going to try finding a smaller vase when the spring comes
    @futureMFG: ooh florists, that’s a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that.
    @CiciJapan: thanks =) I think I agree with the all white flowers

  6. bluewhale Bee
    bluewhale 638 posts, Busy bee @ 10:22 am

    I like the multi-colored, but I would probably do all pink and peach with no white.

    And I also like the BIG poofy ones. Either way, I think it’s going to be beautiful when you re-do it 🙂

  7. graywolf Bee
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 3:51 pm

    maybe find something at home depot and paint it? you could use like a clay planter or something and then paint to match…they look great!

  8. msfox Bee
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:04 am

    I second what Gray Wolf mentioned – you can usually find those reddish clay pots in all sorts of sizes, and then you can paint/decorate them as you wish!

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